Cut-out Stickers: Peel ’em, Stick ’em, Flaunt ’em!

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.

– Randy Pausch

Don’t we all have fond childhood memories of covering our cupboards, bed-room doors and walls with cool and fun stickers, much to the annoyance of our parents? Pasting kiss-cut stickers, posters, news-paper or magazine cut-outs of beloved cartoon-comic characters, movie-stars, inventors etc is undoubtedly an integral part of growing up.

Even adults today do not seem averse to the idea of beating everyday routine blues with buoyant and chipper custom stickers. Why would they? Fun and lively stickers are easily more than capable of turning that frown upside down in a jiffy.

I distinctly remember when I was a kid we couldn’t Get Stickers Printed Online, let alone have them feature custom designs! Me and my cousins used to wait with bated breath for our neighbors to toss out monthly film magazines or ended up buying costly comic books only to mutilate them.

Times have finally changed! Getting custom stickers printed is literally a few clicks away. What more, they are hand delivered right to your doorsteps. All you have to do is, upload an image or collage of pictures of all your favourite things in the world and get them printed on high gloss adhesive vinyl stocks to be pasted anywhere you want!!!

As a die-hard Dexter’s Laboratory cartoon fan, my first tryst with the world of stickers was seeing Dexter’s door carpeted with a motley of stickers cautioning his annoying sister (Dee-Dee) from entering his secret laboratory on the other side.

Growing up, I never had my own personal bedroom but I was fascinated with idea of having my own personal space and filling it with things I loved the most. I distinctly remember covering my books cupboard and dresser with stickers and magazine cut-outs of all my favourite cartoons, movie-stars, sportsmen and comic strips.

There are practically unlimited applications of custom stickers! Custom stickers can be employed to adorn bed-rooms, dorm-rooms, class-rooms, doors, cupboards, lockers, laptop, mobile panels, note-books, science projects, invites, greeting-cards, scrapbooks, albums, photo-frames, bulletin-boards, refrigerators, water-bottles, cookie-jars, cars, vans, trucks and practically any of your personal belongings… phew!

Zippy, sprightly and heart-warming, custom stickers are sure to not only infuse much needed life into your otherwise stern looking belongings but also delight all your senses.

Few of their commercial or business applications include product or office stationery labels, custom packaging, campaigns or promotional events stickers etc. For example custom stickers can be used to seal official envelopes when sending out special business correspondence.

You can achieve wider brand visibility and reach by pasting adhesive vinyl company logo stickers on delivery vehicles like vans or bikes. Additionally, products can be better packaged with lively custom stickers for that extra personal touch. Just as flavor enhancers intensify a dish’s flavor, custom business stickers intensify brand publicity and recall value.

Vinyl adhesive stickers that we print, can practically be pasted on most decent surfaces. Also, you need not worry about them wearing out soon, as high UV gloss coating can withstand prolonged exposure to sun, rain, weather and scratches.

What are you waiting for? Wear your most creative hat and get busy uploading images of stuff you are crazy about. Go all out on a sticker pasting spree! 🙂

That time of the year to visit Kabadiwalas!

Personalised Calendars

It’s time to say good bye to the year 2015. So lock your old office diaries and sell your calendars to the kabadiwalas! Get into action and choose one from PrintStop’s 2016 Calendar & Diary Collections.

These innovative and customizable products can not only be given to your employees but also be gifted to important clients. These could be used as valuable marketing tools as well. Want to know why? Read along!

For one, they will be seen repeatedly… throughout the year!
One of the biggest reasons these paper-based organizers are so valuable is because they are used so frequently. Few other corporate gifts will be used on a frequent (even daily) basis, but both diaries and calendars are, by nature, designed to be used on a regular schedule. That means 365 days of your brand being in-view and on the mind of existing and prospective clients.

They are useful

It is rare that a person will genuinely appreciate being advertised to but the gift of a calendar or planner is something that will prove handy for a long time, making them more likely to hold on to it.

They make great seasonal gifts

Especially at the end of the year. If a customer has started a New Year’s resolution, you have given them the perfect tool to get a jump start on it. However diaries and calendars are not exclusively seasonal gifts and can be given at any time of year.

They are highly customizable

You can include text and images that best showcase your brand.

They are inexpensive

The relatively cheap pricing of diaries and calendars yield a high return on investment. They are one of the most economical ways to advertise throughout the year.

If you’re ready to order them for your seasonal gift, we offer a large variety in terms of shapes and sizes for both calendars and diaries which will help you to choose the right one that best suits your need and budget. check out our calendar and diary selection online at PrintStop to browse through our product offerings.

Welcome Maa Laxmi in her contemporary avatar with PrintSpeaks!

It’s time to welcome Goddess Lakshmi! After Durga Puja, it’s time for Diwali – the festival of lights, crackers, sweets and lots of fun. The most important and much awaited Puja in India, it is celebrated with grandeur all over the country!

Goddess of Wealth who is believed to bring prosperity and wealth to the family is welcomed with colourful decoration of house candles, oil lamps and electric lights. Yummy delicacies and various types of home-made sweets are offered to Maa Lakshmi. According to the Hindu epic, Maa Lakshmi loves cleanliness and first visits the most clean home to shower her blessings. So the oil lamps (Diyas) and candles are lit from evening till morning for welcome of the wealthy goddess.

Laxmi Puja is also celebrated during Diwali when people buy new ornaments of gold, silver, precious gemstones and also utensils as a mark of good luck, prosperity and wealth. These newly bought things are used on Lakshmi Puja night with devotional prayer. Generally five Gods Ganesh (Vighneshvara), Mahalakshmi (Goddess of wealth), Saraswati (goddess of learning), and Mahakali (goddess of power) and Kubera (treasurer of Gods) are worshiped on this festival. The rangoli using various colors are drawn at the doorstep of houses to welcome Maa Lakshmi.

Also big puja pandals are created for idols of Goddess Lakshmi in cities of Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, and Guwahati for celebration. This festival is believed to be auspicious for starting new businesses, buying house, booking property for the family. Keeping the faith, many brands introduce discounts on shopping across the festival season.

To mark this respect and love for Maa Laxmi, PrintStop introduced canvas and photo frames in her contemporary avatar under the umbrella of our quirky brand name, PrintSpeaks. These unique products are exclusively available only on our Flipkart, Amazon, PepperFry and Snapdeal accounts. On this occasion, take home Maa Lakshmi with our collection for love of God.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Lakshmi Puja. May Goddess of Wealth bless you with prosperity and health!

Special packaging this Diwali to WOW your customers

“Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikta Hai!” is a Hindi proverb which truly captures the importance “presentation” plays in selling a product. Marketing folks have realised how difficult it is to sell a product with shoddy packaging while you can be far more successful in selling a low quality product with fantastic packaging. Though the repeat order may be questionable of such products.

Many a times, the product packaging is the “last ad” that the consumer sees of a brand which often leads to the final act of purchase. This is true especially in case of FMCG brands who fight to make their presence felt on the shelf. Whether the product will get noticed depends on how its packaging and display stands out – the bright colours, the brand logo, the images that are used, play a very important role in being bought by the customer while walking by the isle.

In fact around festive seasons like Diwali and Christmas, FMCG brands like Cadburys, Haldirams design special, attractive hampers of all price ranges giving ample gifting options to the consumers. Local Retail brands make attractive hampers and decorations of dry fruits and mithais to make them stand out of the crowd. Customers also are ready to pay premium for the extra bling.

PrintStop has seen immense success when it comes to sale of printed and customised special packaging, its range of custom gift bags and boxes. The gift boxes come in multiple design themes which are customizable. They come flat and few twists and turns give them unique innovative shapes like clutch, bags, pyramids, minarets etc. The special paper bags are again of custom themes and available in lesser quantities. they are more premium from what you would otherwise get in wholesale markets.

Today not just the gift but how it is packed also makes it special. In a very simple way it helps to make your loved ones know how much they mean to you. This Diwali impress them with nicely packaged gifts.

Shubh Deepawali!

“Giving a gift is a nice gesture, selecting the right gift is an art”

The world of corporate gifting in India has witnessed a revolutionary change. Unlike personal gifts, corporate gifts reflect the image of the company and therefore, should be chosen carefully to balance the personal and professional behavior that sends the right message in the right manner.

With the most celebrated Hindu festival, #Diwali being just around the corner PrintStop presents a unique collection of Diwali gifting products suited for the business world. Choose from a wide range of 100+ products spread over 9 exciting categories namely Tech Accessories, Office Accessories  Health Accessories, Home &Living, Tools & Lights, Travel & Outdoor , Greeting Cards, Gift Bags & Gift boxes. These products are a unique blend of utility and style to woo your clients, partners, employees and colleagues.

Diwali landing page images 300 x 300The customized gifts with your logo ensure the creation & execution of brilliant gifting ideas to enhance your brand value. They can help you create long-lasting impressions on whomever you gift them to. Add a personal touch to the gift by choosing the category and product based on the person’s like and lifestyle and make them feel special.

There are ample studies to prove that the right gift at the right time not only nurtures a positive vibe but also motivates your employees leading to better productivity. At PrintStop, we aim to facilitate this with our funky catalogue products.

Hassle Free Printing tip 3: Order anytime from anywhere!


Day 1: It’s 2 AM.

You are ready to catch a 4AM flight to Bangalore for a meeting with your potential customer followed by a day break and then two days event where you will interact with potential investors. You are worried if the deal will go well, if you will remember to put forth all the points across to your investors, whether you will reach in time. You go through your checklist for the nth time and you realize you have forgotten to add your visiting cards. You move to your daily office bag to get your cards and see just few of them in the card holder. You start feeling that this is it. This is the reason why you had that “hell-will-break-loose-very-soon” feeling in your stomach! … what would you do?

A “non PrintSmart” entrepreneur would be relaxed!

He will worry about the flight. The last few cards will suffice for the meeting with customer and then he can get them printed with some local printer in Bangalore.

It’s 5:40 AM.

You get off the flight in time. You are out of the airport soon and get a cab too. Allz well. You attend your meeting. High chances of nailing the deal! You then check in to your hotel. Get fresh and go out exploring….

Day 2: It’s 11 AM

Wake up time! You get fresh, have your breakfast and leave your room hunting for a printer. Finally, you find one after some running around. You download the PDF of your artwork that your designer had once sent from one of the emails and share it with the vendor. Oopss… The PDF has your old address and not the new office address. The vendor asks either to share the ready to print file or he will have to recreate the file at an additional cost and time. You start making calls… your designer, your co-founder.

It’s 2PM.

You get the open file from your designer. Vendor adapts it with your correct address and charges Rs. 50/- for adaptation.

It’s 4:30 PM.

Vendor prints and gives you the physical cards. You soon realise the paper is different compared to the one you printed in Mumbai. The colour of your logo too is different. You are not happy with the quality, the vendor still charges you high after having understood you don’t have much of a choice but printing with him. You pay him, take the cards and move on. Knowing the cards will not make the impact it would during your interaction with the investors, you promise yourself to always have visiting cards first on the checklist!

It’s 7PM.

Frustrated, cheated, not satisfied…

You sit down to run through the presentation. You are unable to concentrate as you are still mad at the printer and yourself. Grghhhh!


A “PrintSmart” entrepreneur would get into action!

He logs into his PrintSmart account on his way to airport, customises the artwork which is already uploaded in an editable format, selects the quantity, paper options, additional options, selects “quick” in the production time, gives his Bangalore hotel address in shipping address and places an order.

It’s 5:40 AM.

You get off the flight in time. You are out of the airport soon and get a cab too. Allz well. You attend your meeting. High chances of nailing the deal! You then check in to your hotel. Get fresh and go out exploring. You call PrintStop team to get the status of the cards during the day. They are already printed and ready for dispatch.

Day 2: It’s 11 AM

Wake up time! You get fresh, have your breakfast and leave your room hunting for closest book store. After some strolling, you return to your room, go through the presentations again. Allz well.

It’s 2PM.

You move out to try a new place for lunch then stroll around the city, watch a movie.

It’s 7:30 PM.

You are back to your hotel. Relax and catch up with your family, have your dinner and sleep early to be prepared for tomorrow’s meeting.

Day 3: It’s 2 PM.

you are ready to leave for your meeting with the investors. You hear the intercom ring. You answer the call, the receptionist informs you that your cards have arrived. You go down and take your cards and leave for the meeting. Feeling like a success and understanding the power to order your visiting cards any time and from anywhere, you move on to attend your meeting with the investors!


Choose whether you want to “relax” or get into “action”!

  • Artworks ALWAYS available online
  • Edit using a browser without the need for graphic softwares or DTP / Designers
  • Drop ship to anywhere in India

Order now from anywhere and anytime, order now with PrintSmart!

The cute baby pink!

This colour is often used as synonym for baby girls. Truly so as it represents feminism, fashion and beauty!

Barbie is the best example of the brand that uses this colour to represent its end consumer. Innocence that this colour stands for clearly is an extension of the cute girls who play with Barbie dolls! 🙂

Pink is however, not a corporate colour. It is used by few companies dealing with children’s apparels and accessories and never by companies which stand for we-mean-only-business. Imagine a visiting card or an envelope or a flyer in pink! How serious will you be while dealing with them?

Few other brands which use this colour are Victoria’s Secret, Baskin Robbins, Hello Kitty.

Baskin-Robbins logo. (PRNewsFoto/Baskin-Robbins)







Look cute today in pink ladies! Sorry guys 🙂

The bright white!

Pure, Clean, Peaceful, Spiritual are the values associated with White across the globe. A beautiful swan, dove, a sage are images that float around in your mind while relating to white.

Last all the blogs, I have tried to associates brands who have their identities built around the colour of the day. However, when it comes to white, my mind goes as blank as a white board! White doesn’t seem to be the primary colour in logos but surely is a complementary one. Designers make clever use of this colour when it comes to negative spacing. Remember the 2 faces and vase image?


Many logos make use of white negative spacing to give a graphical imagery of their businesses within the logo itself. Have you every noticed the arrow in FedEx logo? Take a look again.


Some other logos are that of Adobe, Carrefour, Vaio, Formula 1, WWF, Picasa, Reliance Industries.






Being in printing, White brings “paper” to my mind. There are hundreds of paper options in printing but not all are white. However, ironically, the most white paper is named 4CC ‘Ivory’. This paper is mostly used to print visiting cards and stationery products like letterheads, envelopes etc. For products like paper files, marketing collateral like flyers, brochures, posters etc. for a whiter paper option, you can choose Monalisa paper.

Shine bright in white today!

Attract fun today! Wear orange today!

Quiz Time!

I am a colour. I am a fruit.
I can be a mix of sour and sweet,
I am often used as a simile to the sun,
putting me in your mouth can be quite a fun!

Guess who am I?

Orange is a funny word… It is a fruit, a telecom company and of course our Navratri colour for the day!

The fact that it is the only fruit which has same colour as its name and a popular citrus for juice, many beverage companies have their products and visual identities around it. I am sure this will bring brands like Rasna, Fanta, Mirinda, Tropicana to your mind.

Orange is a very positive colour. It stands for fun, lightheartedness, high-spirited, enthusiasm, creativity and youthfulness. Also, being made of red and yellow, it represents attributes of both these colours. Do refer to our previous blogs to know more about Red and Yellow. It is also a highly attractive colour. Wondered why kids get tempted to touch an orange flame? or why we can go places to witness a setting sun? or prefer the orange curry over green? 🙂

Nickelodeon makes the best use of orange in its logo, both in terms of visual and values. With the paint spattered orange backdrop and playful typography, Nickelodeon logo represents the youthful and lighthearted target audience.

In printing, I have come across very few stationery products like visiting cards, letterheads, envelopes etc. printed in orange colour. I guess as it is less “corporate-ish” not many brands use it in their visual representations. However, few of our clients like Qi Spine, Selfcare, Burrp do use it in print products like paper files, stickers etc. It is used commonly in packaging material, gift boxes, gift bags  and few marketing collateral like brochures, flyers, booklets for its eye catchy, attractive and a festive aura.

So attract fun, optimism and lightheartedness today in orange!

The Grey matter…

Today’s color Grey stands for Authority, Respect and Practicality. It signifies corporate mentality. From a moral standpoint, Grey is that area between the Good and the Evil. I think this is because most cultures associate White to the Good while Black to the Evil and the fact that grey is the mixture of these colour, qualifies it to the space between them.

Grey is often used as complementary colour as it goes well with most, if not all, of the other colours. I haven’t seen this commonly used in logos but most of the corporate taglines are surely in Grey. Take for example Sun Pharma Laboratories. This company has around 20 divisions and by acquiring Ranbaxy, the number of divisions have doubled. Each of these divisions have a unique brand identity with a common tag line “A Division of Sun Pharma Laboratories” printed on their visiting cards! Yes, you guessed it right. This tagline is in Grey colour. 🙂

One of the brands which completely makes use of this colour in its logo is the luxury brand Swarovski. Swarovski is maker of lead crystal glass and the “grey could be viewed to represent the lead that is a part of the product the company makes, but also represents the respect and authority that comes from the history of a company that has been around for over 100 years.” Do a Google search with keywords “Grey Logo” and it will reflect this logo!


I think Grey is one of the most commonly used colours these days online. Infographics are loaded with this colour. Most of the new age websites too play around with Grey. Giving a grey shadow to a light coloured text helps to highlight it from the background. This trick is especially used on marketing collateral like brochures, booklets, flyers, posters and standee banners.

Though this colour can do wonders in a design, it can give you trouble getting the right tint during digital printing. This is true for lighter tints of Grey ranging from 20% to 60% presence. The difficulty is the print outcome comes with variation in the colour making it highly difficult to match to the desired grey scale. Printing denser tints, say from 60% onwards, is safe. In artworks were you are rigid about colours changes, ensure you use a denser grey scale to avoid heartaches post printing.

Tickle your grey cells today!

Go Green today!

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Imagine you are far away from the city. Spread your hands out to your sides. Feel the breeze around you. Listen to the birds chirping. Live the fresh wind touching your skin which is cool yet has a warmth…

… Now if I ask you what do you imagine this place to look like, most of you might answer fresh green mountain top 🙂

Today’s colour “Green” has very interesting emotions attached to it. Why do I use the word “interesting”? Because while this colour stands for nurturing, growth and rebirth, it also denotes jealousy! “Fence is always greener on the other side” refers to human tendency of jealousy. It is ironic that the same colour can stand for both the human qualities of nurturing and jealousy. Doesn’t it sound feminine in nature? Well.. yes, it is!

Green is synonymous to Mother Nature and it stands for freshness and harmony that we experience amidst a dense green natural setting. It alleviates depression and brings in a sense of peace. This sense of renewal of strength, love, warmth and compassion is extended to their brand identities by some of the companies in fresh/health food segment. Ever noticed that most of the companies selling natural herbs like Himalaya, Dabur, Hamam or whether it is beverage companies like Lipton, TATA Tea or FMCG and retail food chains like Natures Basket, Reliance Fresh, Starbucks have Green in their logos and packaging? Most of their products are also in green colour!







So strong is the association of rebirth and health to this colour that the cross sign in and outside a chemist is green. Healthcare chains like My Dentist, Fortis Healthcare, Metropolis have their identity in green. Whether it is their logo on a stationery product, banners, brochures, flyers, posters or even a patient file, are all printed in green!

Even the 3 Rs, Reuse, Recycle and Reduce are referred to “Go Green” and are always represented in a green symbol. Businesses which want their customers to relate them to being eco-friendly use the colour green.

Green is also believed to bring good luck and wealth. I guess that is why currency notes are referred to as the ‘green paper’! Needless to say Real Estate and Financial consulting companies want to be associated to this colour.

Green is often used as a complement to communicate the importance of keeping our surroundings clean. Remember reading banners with slogan “a green city is a clean city”? So…

…while you dance today in green, remember to keep your surroundings clean!

Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow, sitting on a buffalo!

Most of us remember teasing our fellow mates with this rhyme as kids! I think the colour is used here not just because it rhymes but also because it symbolizes ‘happiness’ that childhood is engulfed with!

Yellow stands for Joy, the Hope that a bright new sunshine brings with it every morning. This colour is loaded with energy and optimism. Though it is not very commonly seen in brand identities, many consumer products have yellow in-built to signify the energy and joy that these products promise to deliver to their consumers. To name a few of these brands are McDonalds, Subway, Lipton, Maggi!

Yellow is also know for stimulating mental processes and nervous system. I wonder if that is the reason why National Geographic and IKEA have this colour in their logos! Yellow also encourages communication. Remember the Yellow Pages? Usage of only yellow coloured logo on a white background might not get the clarity when it comes to visual sensory. For example, imagine a yellow logo on your visiting card, letterheads or envelopes on a white paper. It needs a complimentary colour to highlight it.

Marketing folks and visualizers make use of Yellow for its optimism and youthfulness. It is also attractive and easily grabs attention. The content on this colour stands out when a darker colour shade like black or brown is used. Yellow can be used as background colour for standees, banners, brochures, booklets, presentations to get your audiences’ attention. However, too much of this colour can hurt their eyes so try not to over do it.

Another industries that exploit this colour for its energy and speed are the Automobile and its ancillary industries, and logistics companies. Some of these brands include DHL, Shell, Bharat Petroleum, J K Tyres, Renault, Ferrari, CAT.

Say ‘Hello’ in Yellow today! 🙂

JK-Tyre-logodhl-logo1024px-Renault_2009_logo.svglogos-adictamente (4)


The kool colour blue!


We are done with RED,
Next comes BLUE,
things in this colour,
are not very few!

Turn around and you will see blue everywhere. The sky is blue, the water is blue, our Earth is blue! A ‘new born baby boy’ is almost synonym to the blue colour.

In the corporate world, blue signifies Professionalism, Trust, Authority, Power and Loyalty. Blue is used in logos as it creates a sense of security while showing loyalty and professionalism. No wonder leading banks including HDFC Bank, Bank of India, SBI, ICICI, Bank of America who have their brand built around the values of trust and loyalty adorn their logos with blue. This color is used by various businesses related to finance, pharmaceutical industry and government. Other industry segments that, by and large use blue are technology companies to communicate their promise of delivering professional services and trustworthy products. Some of the major brands include Dell, Intel, IBM, HCL, TCS, Infosys, Samsung, AT&T, HP, GE and many others.





Infosys Logosamsung-logo






Blue also represents communication which makes sense that most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, WordPress have their visual identity in blue. This ‘Nirvana colour’ is very soothing in nature because of which it is eye friendly for a visitor, allowing them to spend more time on your website.

Having understood the values and features of this colour, which all print products do you think should be printed in blue?

  • Visiting cards and other corporate stationery  like letterheads and envelopes to showcase the loyalty and professionalism you want to promise to your customers.
  • Brochures, catalogues and booklets to make it soothing for your prospects to spend more time to read through and also to instill trust on your products.
  • Posters, Banners and Standee where blue is used as a background colour in order to highlight the content on it while blue itself disappears in the background.

Blue has many variants ranging from Sky Blue to Cobalt Blue to Navy Blue. When printed, a Sky Blue translates to C:43 M:3 Y:3 K:0 while a Navy Blue translates to C:100 M:98 Y:14 K:17  in CMYK language.

Don’t ‘feel’ blue, just wear it!

Colours, colours which colour do you want?

Here comes Navratri – the nine colours that signify different flavours of our life! During the next nine days, you will see ladies dressed in the colour of the day with their matching accessories, days spent in planning what to wear the next day, and evenings spent socializing and dancing to garba music 🙂

Colours play a very important role in our lives, more so in the life of an Indian. Different colours signify different aspects, situations, phases, emotions and feelings in and of our lives. Green signifies prosperity, white for peace, purple for royality and so on. Psychology too uses colours to understand, interpret and alter human personality. It is true that anything that affects human psyche usually becomes a matter of study in consumer behaviour. During these nine days, let us take each of them and trace how various brands have utilized colours to communicate with their customers and consumers.

The colour of the day – “RED”
RED – what are the words or emotions that this colour brings to your mind? Love, danger, anger, excitement, right? Universally, red stands for Passion & Love, Aggression & Excitement, Youth & Boldness.  So attractive is this colour that most of the warning signs are usually in red. Take for example, stop sign, danger zone, cross on an ambulance are all red everywhere!

Countless brands use red as part of their brand identity. Did you know this colour also signifies hunger? Isn’t it apparent why many FMCG brands like Britannia, Colgate, Lays, Coca Cola, Kwality Wall’s, Parle, Pizza hut, Kelloggs, KFC and numerous others have red shades in their logos?

News channels like CNN, Aaj Tak, India Today use red to attract eye balls to their brand. Youth centric brands like Youtube, Lego, Netflix, Levi’s, Virgin, Nintendo, ESPN etc. use red to connect with the boldness, passion and aggression that this phase of life brings with it.

Pizza Hut LEGO

You Tube

India Today

Kwality Wall











Do consider this colour if your product/brand caters to love, passion, aggression and zest for life in a youth!

Paint this day red! Happy Navratri 🙂

Hassle Free Print Tip 2 – Find it all in your account repository

One of the most common questions asked whenever there is print job to be done is – “Where are the artworks?” With this begins the hunt and visits to your designers, admin or HR department, you printer, all the old and forgotten folders in your PC/laptop! Once you have found the artworks and managed to open them, the next question in line is “Which one is the latest version?”. With the amount of iterations that most of the artworks go through to finally be approved, it becomes difficult to keep a track of the latest one.

Having been in the industry for last 8 years and worked with 1000s of brands, we at PrintStop have experienced the amount of stress that a customer goes through to get small print jobs done. Most of the organizations, whether big or small, are highly unorganised in terms of maintaining their artworks.

It is this learning curve that led to PrintSmart, an online smart printing solution which helps you to build and maintain unlimited repository of all your latest artworks in one place! Next time you want to print, all you need to do is login to your PrintSmart account, choose the product, customise it, define specifications like paper type, quantity in few clicks and place an order. We print and ship it to any address in 50+ countries!

Get organised today, get PrintSmart today!