10 unique Invitation Card ideas

10 unique Invitation Card ideas

Indian culture is full of celebrations and occasions. Month after month, marriages, birthdays and anniversaries of our relatives and friends greet us around the corner. Added to these are other auxiliary functions like bridal and baby showers, housewarming, mehndi and sangeeth etc.

What makes the function more special is the expectation it builds and that begins with the Invitation Card. One look at the creatively-designed Invitation Card and the viewer immediately feels excited and eager to attend the function. So design your invitation card artistically and uniquely with these ideas from  Printstop.

10 best Invitation Card Ideas

The more unique the design of the Invitation Card, the more lasting the impression it creates. After all, the Invitation Card is meant to draw your attention and make you feel wanted and welcome at the occasion. What better way to do this than by employing some really creative Invitation Card design ideas like these?

  1. Pop up Cards

This type of Invitation Card design never loses its lustre even after ages. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, these cards are made innovatively and highly appreciated. The card has a seemingly simple exterior and when you open up, the design pops out with a unique touch surprising and delighting the receiver.

  1. Credit Card Design

This is the latest trend in Invitation cards after payments became digital. This unique card is designed like an original Credit Card with details embossed. Isn’t this innovative?

  1. Scroll design

Introduce the royal element by making your Invitation Card look regal by designing it like a papyrus scroll of the yesteryears. Design the scroll complete with golden sequins and silken tassels to give it the princely look. your guest will feel honoured to receive a wedding card like this.

  1. Passport Design

A Wedding is a journey to a new land of hope and happiness. Design the Wedding invite like a Passport and add novelty to the function with this unique card design.

  1. Plane Ticket design

Transport your guest to another world of welcome by designing your Invitation cards like an airline ticket or boarding pass. Design the card envelope like an aerogramme to make it look authentic. Your guest will feel pleasantly surprised and welcome on seeing this unique card.

  1. Film Poster Design

How would it look if your Invitation Card is designed like the poster of a blockbuster Bollywood movie? Arresting, attractive and alluring- Isn’t it?

The vivid colours and background effects of this Film Poster Invitation Card are sure to entice any guest and make him feel eager to attend the function.

  1. Menu Design

Most often every occasion ends with a meal. Why not style your card like a menu giving the list of the feast first?  A different idea that is gaining popularity, the menu must be crafted artistically to grab the attention of the guest.

  1. Four Corners design

Who hasn’t played the Four Corners Game and not liked it? Create your Invitation card like the Four Corners design and leave your guest spell-bound! Yes, with details at all four corners colourfully printed, this is the most enchanting Invitation card design and the one most popular at Printstop.

  1. Newspaper design

Let your occasion hit the headlines! Print your Invitation card like a Newspaper article to give it a touch of popularity. Your guest will be fooled for a second when he sees the design thinking of it as a newspaper clip. Choose this design for a touch of difference.

  1. Social Media Design

Social Media rules the world today. Why not design your Invitation Card like a Facebook post and watch your guests go gaga over the design. Choose this trendy design that will captivate the young and old alike.

Interesting and incredible Invitation Card designs must be meticulously planned and methodically printed with precision and passion. Enlist the services of Print Specialists like Printstop who have hundreds of such ideas up their sleeve and make your invitation a innovative one.

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