How to build best banners for your brand

How to Build the Best Banners for Your Brand

Banners are one of the most effective marketing tools for your brand. With affordable pricing, vinyl banners can influence a large margin of your customer base. A well-designed banner is all it takes to communicate about your brand identity. Here we explore some of the necessary things to keep in mind while going about designing a banner.

Define Your Objectives


It goes without saying that any worthwhile activity we undertake needs clear goals. While preparing a vinyl banner, you have to chalk out a rough plan about what goals you intend to achieve. Accordingly, if you have a retail outlet, your end goal should be generating more leads. 

Keep Content in Tandem with Requirements


The clearer you are with your objectives, the easier it becomes to select the appropriate content for your banner. You don’t want loaded texts in your banner so much so that people refuse to read beyond the first few lines, right?

Unfortunately, most banners are not designed to garner the best attention. So it behoves us to select appropriate fonts for the text to be easily readable. It is also critical that important parts of the text be in a more prominent and bolder font.

Choose colours wisely. While it is good to use colours that represent your brand, try not to go for colour combinations that strain your eyes. The thumb rule for using colours for your text is that the higher the contrast between the text and the background, the better.

Bank on Your Uniqueness


You need to convince your potential customers about your brand’s Unique Selling Point (USP). Try to incorporate ideas that promote your uniqueness (value, pricing, quality etc.) when pitted against your competitors. One effective way to do this is by including some time-bound offers. According to the scarcity principle, people tend to get attracted to deals that are available for a shorter time-span. 

To prod your clients into taking the next step, including a cleverly worded ‘Call to Action’. The best CTAs are the ones that the customers can retain afresh in their memory long after they have read your banner. Nevertheless, avoid going for oft-used imperatives like ‘hurry’ or ‘call now’. Conversely, try incorporating something memorable like a fancy telephone number or a quirky web URL.

Locate to Placate

Pay attention

One of the reasons for the popularity of vinyl banners is that they can be placed virtually anywhere. It is of utmost importance to consider the location of your banner. Depending on the nature of product or service that you are offering, you can choose the location of your banner.

If you have a specific group of people in your mind with whom you would like to communicate with about your brand, place your banner where these people are more likely to frequent. This type of placement is referred to as ‘targeted placement’.

If you are an organisation looking to reach out to the maximum number of people, you should place your banner at busy intersections or crowded places. This type of placement of banner is called high-traffic placement.

Pay attention to these little details, and you will be more than happy with the result. Your banner will not only increase the visibility of your brand but will also make your brand stand out in the crowd.

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