Find Fun Fridge Magnets

Find Fun Fridge Magnets

It’s summertime and the one place where people head at home in the fridge. When you are just to open the fridge door for that bottle of cold water, what do you see there? Little figures stuck to the fridge door! Yes, these are fridge magnets and no fridge is complete without them.

These tiny objects of art come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are stuck on the fridge – both as bulletin holders or as memorabilia. Fabricated with style in various materials like wood, clay, steel, plastic, fibre etc., fridge magnets are universal in the presence and unique in value as marketing, materials.

Fridge Magnets

Fun Fridge Magnets

Here is a list of Fun Fridge Magnets that you can check out to deck your fridge.

  1. Photo Fridge Magnet

This Fridge magnet doubles up as a photo frame and is hence quite popular. Put up a small photo of your family, your spouse, kids or your loved ones. Whenever you near the fridge, this fun Photo Fridge Magnet is definitely going to curl your lips into a smile.

  1. Quote Magnet

Who doesn’t like to feel inspired every morning? When you reach out for the packet of milk from the fridge, take a look at this inspirational quote magnet and feel inspired. Custom-made to your desire in any shape you want, these magnets can be printed with the quotes that truly drive you.

  1. List Magnets

Everyone has a list on their mind- a shopping list, a to-do list, a homework list. Find a magnet that has a list stuck on it. These magnets are very useful and are designed to suit people of all ages. They sometimes come with peel-off list paper and have a pen attached to them for use. Quite handy, isn’t it?

  1. Holder Magnets

Some fridge magnets are meant to create extra-utility value. They serve as holders for cutlery, stationery and even plants too! These holder magnets have a cup attached to them for holding the objects and are much in demand.

  1. Brand magnets

These fridge magnets come in the shape of the product or the brand. They are very effective in enforcing brand recall and are much preferred as marketing materials.

Why Fridge Magnets work well as marketing materials?

Fridge Magnets are sought-after as marketing materials because they have

  1. Better recall with repeated viewing as they are seen a number of times daily while using the fridge.
  2. Great utility value as they are used to tack reminders and lists on the fridge and hence will never be cast off.
  3. Great brand value as they portray the brand effectively and prominently.
  4. Long shelf life as they are made of durable materials and stay stuck in the fridge for years.
  5. Targeted audience as they are issued only to specific customers in person or by mail.
  6. Reference value as the customer just looks up the contact details of the company printed on the magnet itself.
  7. Creative value as you can have fun designing fridge magnets and experimenting with their shapes, colours and materials.
  8. Minimal production cost when compared to other marketing materials.
  9. Great gifting value as they are ideal for both home and office occasions and can be gifted as photo magnets for birthdays, anniversaries, farewells or even at company events.

Fridge Magnets

Best as brand promoters, fridge magnets are fun to design and fun to keep. For assured results, get your magnets designed creatively for personal or professional use only from the right print provider. Remember when you get a fridge magnet, you are stuck with it for good!

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