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How Has Social Media Impacted the Way We Do Business?

There has been tremendous change experienced in the field of various businesses ever since Social Media was introduced. It started off to be a platform to stay in touch with friends and families across the globe or to meet new people of your interest but the promotion of business via these platforms have taken the world of business by a storm. Ever since then it has never been the same. Although traditional methods are still in use it has taken the backseat and forums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have taken the forefront.

1. Target audience

social media

It has been for the very first time in history that this concept of companies possessing the ability to promote their advertisements to a select target audience and for this the Social Media platform, Facebook stands out. It has revolutionized the field of marketing and businesses. Given this ability, various companies that offer promotional products could use this aspect to their advantage in targeting corporate companies who would be inclined in showing interest in these promotional products without the need of having compelling Sales Executive’s knocking on the doors of these companies on to be shunned away.

2. Cost effective

Cost effective


To an extent advertising on social media platforms could be done for absolutely no cost but at some point, one would be required to invest in their advertising packages either on a weekly or monthly period. The total cost of creating a whole campaign with a marketing team and simply strategically advertising on forums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are on two ends of a scale. As far as promotional products are a concern they most often come in a large range and offering these products via social media makes it more convenient for the customer to explore their options not just limiting them to selected options. Although this is an effective ability it comes with a small price tag and it’s often hard to believe.

3. Interactive


These platforms have given us the opportunity to raise queries of any sort only to be assisted immediately. Gone are the days where you have a whole back-end team sitting on one end of the globe providing you with responses but with the introduction of chatbots this has changed. Let’s assume you are looking for pens in the promotional product category, these chatbots have the ability to source out to you the product of your liking in terms of the description provided.

4. Immediate customer service

Customer service

Customer service responses are almost as good as lightning speed. The reviewing and feedback system has paved a way for openness and transparency in companies. Customer Service keeps businesses afloat these days, as these forums are publically available to almost everyone conscious efforts are being made by service providers to only enhance their performance. Concerns and complaints are often addressed to immediately with no delay and in most occasions leaving the customer pleased.

There has been a tremendous change the printing and advertising industry has experienced in terms of communication and sales. In terms of promoting products and services, these social media platforms come in handy as a time saver. We all know how tedious the work of making a choice could be especially when it comes with a wide range and competition. These options and features don’t just assist customers in making quick decisions but it has also lessened the to and fros from office to the clients as these forums do the talking on the company’s behalf.

If you think these forums have made a greater impact on businesses do let us know. Who knows? We could possibly use your comment to our advantage.

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