Office Stationery Checklist for Your Business

Whether you are venturing into a new business or you have been in the market for decades it does not diminish the need for good stationery. Your office stationery indicates your company’s standards. Allow your choices speak volumes in subtle and elegant ways.

The printing industry has allowed this progress to take place so why not use it to your advantage. Go all out on the choice of paper, the colours used for branding and also by including extra printing features of foiling and embossing to add extra finishing touches.

You must be wondering why something as simple as stationery is important.

Well, stationery defines your company. The choice of paper, printing options, both digital and offset stationery printing, colours and design speak volumes for itself and there is absolutely no need for an introduction to be done with this loud statement to show that you mean business!

Before we move on to the check-list let us give a few minutes to consider the importance of the essentials

Business Cards

Stand out from the crowd! You never get a second chance to make a first impression as a business card is the only informative piece which holds direct information to the company. Include features such as single and double-sided cards, spot lamination, folded cards, die cuts and plastic cards to last longer and make an impression.

Letterhead & Envelopes

We live in a digital age where communication takes place via electronic media but businesses still have a need for printed letterheads for legal documentation and a letterhead is a necessity as it is a representation of the company. In such cases, shouldn’t we use this as an opportunity to state professionalism and elegance? Utilize our access to the widest range of papers in the market and let it do the talking.

Notepads & Pens

Stay equipped and organized for your meetings and conferences as note taking is essential during these few hours.  Choose from a wide range of size and quality for both notepads and pens by printing and flaunting your logo and vision on it. Choose high-quality products to inspire and increase performance.

IDs & Accessories

Although the purpose of an ID card is for identification and security purposes its use today has developed in various ways in enhancing business relationships and protection. When is an employee ID card of such importance why not accessorize? Lanyards in bright colours would get people’s attention, in turn, promoting your brand. Choose from sizes to colours to stand out from the crowd with the printing of your logos and designs.

Other basic essentials

  • Folders – Whether you are heading out for a meeting or you are simply conducting a meeting in-house it is essential to carry a folder along in order to have all documents and paperwork organized. An organized individual representing a company states professionalism.
  • Certificates – Want to praise that smart working employee of the month to enhance the team’s performance or need to show your appreciation to your clients? A certificate does the job. There are various options to choose from to fit your company’s needs.
  • Diaries -If you need to stay organized and wish for your employees to stay organized as well, invest in diaries that come in all sizes. They are good giveaways for both employees and clients.
  • Receipt books – A receipt book assists in keeping detailed information on daily business transactions. It is yet another requirement to enhance productivity and organizing of accounts. No transaction goes without records. Stay well organized and ahead of the game.
  • Stamps – It is one of the basic requirements even for an SME. Despite technological advancements, a company’s stamp is highly required for legal purposes. You could stick to the traditional options or get innovative with the variety of options.

These are all the standard stationery requirements without which your daily functioning of the office can hardly take place. You could stick to the basics or simply indulge in all the options available so something as simple as the above will only state quality and excellence.

If your business stands for quality and professionalism take some time off your busy schedule to plan, create and execute and let your stationery speak for itself eliminating the need to have long convincing conversations with clients of your standards.

Go the extra mile in allotting time to give your complete attention to improving your stationery. If you think your office stationery is good enough don’t settle! Look for ways of enhancing existing items and improvise, in turn, making your business stand out.

If you think we have missed out a few of the essentials feel free to contribute to the list in the comments section below.

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