Creative Use of Old Visiting Cards

7 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Visiting Cards

You had reordered some visiting cards which just arrived in the mail today. A fresh batch of visiting cards indicates that your old cards are now rendered obsolete and outdated. This could apply to your own visiting cards or someone else’s. 

You could just toss the old cards in the dustbin, but why let all of that money go to waste? There are a lot of ways you could repurpose your old visiting cards.

Note that these suggestions work best for one-sided business cards, but they can still become alternate uses for two-sided business cards. For more on the differences between the two, you can read our post on single versus double-sided visiting cards.

So, without further ado, here are seven creative ways to reuse your old visiting cards:


Visiting cards are a great place for a compact list. Use it so you don’t forget anything the next time you go out or as a to-do list for the week. Maybe you can list important dates for the month and use it as a mini-calendar. You can also manage your client’s alternate contacts with them or keep track of how much work is remaining.  Lists are a great way of bringing structure to your business.


You can also use the visiting cards as note cards. Take some to your next meeting or conference and jot down some notes during the important bits. This can also help you remember information and review what was discussed later on.

Don’t assume that you can remember everything. Make sure you write down ideas and statistics. They could really help you later on. Note-taking will make sure you never forget anything again. Also, read our article for more on notes.

Cue Cards

You can use the visiting cards as cue cards. This can help you during a speech or when you’re presenting something. All you have to do is write the main points of the topic on the cards and keep them in your pocket.

Be sure to only write the keywords, not full sentences. Of course, you should try to do the entire presentation without looking elsewhere. If you forget something, though, just take a quick peek at the cards to avoid embarrassment. They serve as a good memory backup.


Flashcards are a learning tool where the question is written on one side and the answer is on the back. Although they are usually used by students and teachers, you can use them ahead of an interview or sales pitch. You can do it yourself or have others quiz you. Through repetition, the answer eventually becomes ingrained in your head.  

Test your memory by converting your visiting cards into flashcards. One-sided visiting cards can be glued together to create a blank card. Or, you can have the question on the blank side and the answer on the informational side. For visiting cards with two sides, either paint over them or tape a paper to make both sides blank.


Most binders and folders have dividers or tabs. Unfortunately, inserting strips of paper can be a real hassle. Luckily, the stiff and thick material used for visiting cards is perfect for labels. Just cut the card down to size and write labels on them, making them usable for your binders and folders. You could additionally alphabetize them from A-Z so your documents and papers even easier to find.    


In a similar vein, you can use the visiting cards for boxes and luggage. Just write what the box contains on the card so you don’t have to waste time searching for everything. Jars and bottles can be labeled as well, depending on your field of work. These cards can really help you get organized. Don’t overdo it, though. This method is supposed to help you save time, not lose it!


You can place a visiting card to save your page on whatever novel, textbook or magazine you are reading. You can also place a card at important notable pages. This works great because you don’t even have to make alterations to the card. You could also go a step further by punching a hole in the card and attaching a string to it. Add some paint to make it artsier.

Creative PrintStop Visiting Cards

As you can see, visiting cards have many uses. We bet you had no idea that the cards were multi-purpose. Of course, there are much more ways you can get creative and use your old visiting cards. From now on, think before you throw away that old batch of cards.

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