Prime Cards

Uber luxurious Prime Cards – The King of Business Cards

I am sure you must’ve received countless business cards passed on by hordes of acquaintances wheezing past you every single day. Has any card that was handed out to you managed to make you stop right in your tracks and take actual notice? How many of them have you liked enough to retain them long after you have noted down their contact numbers??? Hardly any, right? Stand out in a sea of dull and monotonous standard business cards with our uber luxurious and high-end range of Prime Cards!

Our truly luxurious cards will lend your business a touch of elegant sophistication and are sure to delight its recipients. These are ultra thick and tactile; crafted by fusing layers of richly textured cardstocks together. Prime cards are approximately 3 times thicker compared to ordinary business cards making them extra durable and sturdier. You won’t have to worry about them getting ripped, wrinkled, torn or worn out over time. In technical terminology, these cards are 800 gsm while your regular business cards are not more than 300 gsm, how about that!

The process of fusing the cardstocks together enables us to offer the choice of a coloured paper sandwiched in the centre of the card. Our online customers can choose to opt for 4 distinct coloured seams namely spicy red, jet black, sunny orange or royal blue to be featured in the centre. Whenever you hand them out to people at conferences, trade shows, expos, events or meetings, it would be an awesome surprise for them to notice the cards innovative edge design paving the way for a great conversation.

The vibrant quality of our printing will make the content and its graphic elements jump right off your cards! We take optimum care to ensure that cards are printed with the highest standards of quality so that our customers simply love their business cards! Prime cards look best with pristine white front and back designs encasing the coloured seam. However, multiple colour combinations are also available based on your preferences and brand colours. Effectively nail the art of networking by handing out a true gem of a conversation starter – Prime Cards!

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