What are the Benefits of Using Promotional Products?

What are the Benefits of Using Promotional Products?

A Promotional product is like a megaphone. It shows out your brand name loud. Promotional Products are the fine tools of Marketing used to create brand awareness and retain customers. These products are often given as corporate giveaways at Marketing campaigns, Trade shows, Seminars and Company Meetings.

The PPAI (Promotional Products Association International)  tells us that nearly $18.2 billion are spent annually on 400,000 customized promotional products. This whopping figure surely tells us that promotional products matter a lot to business enterprises. How? Let us take a look.

What are the Benefits of Using Promotional Products?

If you closely analyze these benefits of products for promotion, you would be convinced that Promotional Products are the most effective and economical means of Marketing.

1. Creating Brand Awareness


A logo-printed Tote bag, pen or even keychain catches your fancy as you see somebody else holding them. Even big billboards or hoardings pass unnoticed but an attractive promotional product in the hands of the person facing you, definitely catches your fancy. There is nothing more prominent than a Promotional Product for creating Brand Awareness.

2. Evoking Brand Affinity

Gift a person a promotional product like a pen or even a logo-embossed cap. Each time he uses it, he automatically scans the logo and soon develops an affinity for the brand. Next time, he sees the brand in a store, he will reach out for it.

3. For Brand recall

Radio jingles and TV ads have to be repeated millions of times to get a flicker of brand recognition. But not with promotional products.  Each time, the user lifts his branded mug to drink coffee, he is exposed to the brand multiple times. This creates a strong brand recall.

4. Targeting the right audience

Spend thousands on TV ads and still, your reach is wide and not focused. but with promotional products, you can economically target a selective audience. For example, the manufacturers of syringes can give their promotional products to hospitals alone.

5. Act as reminders

Businesses operating in the service industry can well make use of this benefit of promotional products. These products carry the name, address and contact info printed on them. So they act as ready-reckoners to call the service at the time of need. For instance, AC service companies can offer fridge magnets with their details printed on them. When your AC is down, the customer instinctively calls the number on the magnet rather than searching for information on the internet.

6. Longer Brand exposure

People receiving promotional products often keep them for months together. This increases the duration of brand exposure and widens the circle of reach.

7. Evoking Brand Loyalty

Customers who have received promotional gifts have been found to be more loyal to the brand. These products reinforce the commitment of old customers to the brand and generate new ones.

8. Generates goodwill

Promotional Products are gifted at the time of New Year by default. A person receiving such promotional products responds to the one with the branded logo than the one without. This is because he feels honoured to receive such a gift from that company. Such good-will generation by promotional products is hard to replace.

9. Economical yet effective

When compared to big media advertising, promotional products achieve the same effect yet at a comparatively very low cost.

10. Most powerful marketing platform

Promotional gifts form the most marketing platform as they are focussed, tactile and better than even ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising.

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