10 Best Mobile Apps for Managing Your Business

Running a business efficiently needs multitasking skills and a mobile app can make your job much easier. Mobile apps help you keep track of many things simultaneously and enables you to focus your attention on the top priority ones. But attractive stationery printing is the key to boosting your company image in corporate circles. Use a judicious combination of both to achieve better business.

 Let us take a look at some of the best mobile apps that you can use to manage your business.

  • Organize with Asana

No business can be run as a one-man show. Tasks have to be delegated, scheduled and monitored by a team to get the project completed.  

Asana is a Mobile App that allows you to assign tasks to your employees using their email addresses, fix deadlines and track their operations and monitor the workflow of the project.  Available for Android, iOS and desktop versions, Asana helps you keep your business on the go even while you are away.

Asnaa App

  • Link with LinkedIn Pulse

Interacting with people in your industry and keeping oneself updated with what’s new in the market is very vital for any entrepreneur. LinkedIn Pulse is best for networking with fellow business associates, clients, influencers etc. It also presents the latest news on the market scenarios along with the content of those whom you follow.

download linkedin app

  • Manage your social media with HootSuite

Every business must have its own account or page on FB, Twitter, Instagram etc.  Use Hootsuite as a single dashboard to closely monitor your social media activity and respond instantly to customer reviews and comments. Campaign-scheduling on different social media channels is done effortlessly through Hootsuite.

download hootsuite app

  • WebEx

For companies operating at different geographic locations, WebEx is a big boon. It helps you to host, organize and attend meetings, interact with colleagues, share file or video-conference teams using its mobile app.

download cisco webex app

  • Evernote

Jotting down notes in a meeting is as important as attending one. Evernote helps you do this easier by taking notes, click images of handwritten notes, clip web articles and collate all of them.

Evernote App

  • Google Drive

Wherever you go, you cannot carry all your important documents with you. Google Drive helps you save all your documents safely and access them from any remote location. Charts, photos, video-recordings, and documents can be stored and shared with 15 GB of initial free storage.

Google drive

  • Docusign

Docusign is a most valuable app for signing and authorizing documents online.  Every business owner on the move needs this App to help him sign contracts and close deals online.  Using this app on your smartphone, you can apply your signature to contracts, documents, agreements, and receipts. No more work remains in wait for your signature when DocuSign is around.


  • Salesforce Mobile

Lead and campaign management is a must for any business and this requires the use of a robust CRM. Salesforce Mobile offers you effective CRM with its mobile app and allows you to maximize profits and manage sales even while you are on the go.


  • Acumatica

Acumatica is a browser-based tool with both iOS and Android App versions used for ledger -accounting. Using this, you can generate purchase orders, sales invoices, expense reports etc. and get a complete view of your Company accounts.


  • Tsheets

Tsheets is the best time tracking tool available as a mobile app. Using this app, users can clock in or out even while they are offline. This app is highly beneficial for Managers and Admins to track the work shifts and attendance of employees even from a remote location. attendance reports and shift timesheets can also be generated.


While Mobile Apps help you to fine-tune your business, your stationery printing makes it more credible and convincing. Get your stationery printing done from an expert Print specialist to get the best results.

Make your business boom today by using these Mobile Apps to manage it effectively and watch your business turn more productive and profitable.

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