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10 Business Cards Tips for 2019

With the beginning of the New Year approaching, every business in town is trying to add a new touch and implement changes to their businesses and having said that why not start off with your business cards. There are plenty to choose from and the printing industry has made that possible with limited restrictions. Why start with a business card? It is almost the face of the company.

It isn’t just you who is representing the company, it is everything that goes along with you as well. After that first successful meeting, the client gets to take that tiny card back to his office and ponder on all that had taken place. The only thing that is associated with you now is your impressive business card. Since we have established why a change is needed. Now let’s look at the top ten tips on how to get innovative, creative and to improve on your business cards for the year 2019.

1. Simple Yet Bold

With the theory of minimalism taking over everybody is looking for bold but less and its results have been quite impressive. Why not add the same theory in designing business cards. With bold and relevant information on your card, you could never go wrong.

2. Best Fonts to Choose From

Business Card Fonts

We are always aiming at leaving a lasting impression. So there is no other better way to do it other than to choose clear and bold fonts. Here are a few recommendations – Helvetica, Futura, Gothic Century MT, Trajan, and Robot.

3. Connectivity

Your choice of design and line of business should go hand in hand. It doesn’t make a big impact if you choose to stick to the standard size of a card. But if you want to risk it and choose various other designs in order to stand out. Make sure there is a line of connection between the design and your business.

4. Choice in Design

Business Card Designs

As mentioned above, the print companies have made it possible to choose from various options and one such is choosing from die-cut, spot lamination, non-tearable cards, plastic cards, magnetic cards, and the basic lamination.

5. Neon Effects & Trendy Colours

This tip applies if you are from the creative industry and for those who are willing to take a risk to add a bit of those bright colors. The standard combination of white, black and red needs to go out the window. Choose from the hundreds of colour options available and set a mark.

6. Typography

Typography in Business Card Designs

If you are trying to play it safe with your business card you could choose from the above-mentioned font. The print industry is at a phase where vintage concepts are the most cherished and are trending. Therefore, if you would like to add a little of that vintage style here you could opt for hand-drawn texts. It is an eye-catcher.

7. 3D Styles

These 3D styles have always been screaming for attention. With the options of embossing and foiling made available. Why not you use it to get your business card the extra attention.

8. Photography

Photography in Business Cards

It had been used in the past but for those who have a problem with remembering and recollecting faces adding a smart picture of yourself will do the job. It doesn’t just remind the client of you but every telephonic conversation would be better as he would have an image of you.

9. Innovative Design

Businesses stopped believing in standard business card sizes the moment they were given options. This year the most trending of all would be to go all out on choosing designs that are creative, trendy and connected.

10. Additional Features

Additional Feature in Business Cards

Whether you are in the creative industry or an accounting firm business cards that state quality and professionalism go a long way. Choose quality paper, get creative and use the above tips to create a combo pack that would best suit your needs.

The goal here is to stand out of the crowd not only in terms of your business services but also with the little things such as a business card that go a long way. The unusually designed card will always stay on top of the cardholders because they would never fit in and in order to be the best one should never fit in. The above tips should be a change that your business could use and it would be a kick-start to your year.


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