10 Ideas to make your Commute Productive

Travel time to and from the office can be downright boring! And the commute unproductive. Whether it is waiting on a train platform or for a traffic signal, it could be waste of your valuable time, especially if you have an action-packed day ahead. The frustration further spoils your first couple of hours at work trying to get your mind to relax and work. Traveling time need not be so frustrating or unproductive. There are various fun things that you could do during this so-called boring time and make your commute productive every day.

These apps will help you to make the most out of your working hours and make your Commute Productive

Create your to-do list

It is a good practice to take some time off before you start your action-packed day to prioritize your tasks for the day.  Through this, you get to focus on completing or working towards important tasks rather than being lost in frivolous activities that actually could be assigned to another date or teammate.

Creating the to-do list early morning also helps you to plan efficiently as your mind is still fresh and untouched by the nuances that the day brings. This also helps you jot down tasks that have a dependency on other teammates and therefore assign them to respective members in the morning so that they also get enough time to accomplish them and reply to you. 

We can review the to-do list in the evening to understand which tasks are unfinished or even untouched. This will help you to keep a check on yourself and evaluate your efficiency and improve it further. There are various apps like Toodle-do, Todoist, Remember the Milk, Splenda or Wunderlist which make maintaining and following these tasks very easy.  

When you commute you can:

Learn Something New

Commute time can be highly useful to acquire a new skill whether it is for personal or professional development. With easy and faster availability of some excellent content online there are numerous things that you can learn while on the go.

YouTube is one of the best platforms to learn something that you are passionate about. It is loaded with training videos to learn musical instruments, culinary skills, language, MS Excel. You just have to decide to learn something, search and you are ready to go!

Duolingo is a popular app which helps you learn a new language in a gamified process making it fun. 

There are also online sites which offer certifications in successfully completing the course. These courses are well structured and you will be informed about the time and effort required for you to decide to sign up. Coursera is one such popular platform which provides certificate courses from esteemed universities like Harvard.

Choosing to utilize your otherwise so boring commute time to pursue a new hobby that you have been wanting to since long. This can be truly fruitful and useful in making your commute productive. 

It is easy to do different activities while traveling if your mode of transport does not involve you to drive. However, there are various fun things that you can do while driving safely to make your commute productive. One such way is listening to audiobooks. Lifehacker.com shares a list of top five audiobooks that can become part of your travel life. They include Audible, OverDrive, Downpour, Scribd and Hoopla Digital. Librivox is another audiobooks service which is completely free and has a wide collection of classic literature and great stories.  

What Else Can you do to make your Commute Productive?

Update Yourself

The commute is the best time to update yourself on current affairs related to your profession. There are specified sites that provide information related to a specific industry. Registering on these portals can provide the news feeds that can make you a well-informed professional.  Another form of being updated is checking the emails in your inbox before you step into your workplace. It helps to take necessary action immediately in the early hours. Thus, traveling time could be the best time to deal with all your pending emails and responding to them. 

Why not Connect with People? 

10 Ideas to make your Commute Productive
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Network and Connect
Travel time could be a great time to connect with people. Whether it is your family and loved ones who stay far or networking online through apps like LinkedIn. Most of us today move to different cities in search of jobs and the busy work life can soon make it difficult to be connected on daily basis. Being away from family and friends can add to frustrations. It is a good thing to connect with them while you are free from the daily hassles of work life. Catching up with events in their lives and sharing your joys and challenges will rejuvenate and refresh you.

Disconnect and observe other people, make friends(the concept of train friends)

10 Ideas to make your Commute Productive

One best way to make the most out of your travel time is by disconnecting from your fast running busy city life for some time and observing your surrounding. The commute can give you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people. In Mumbai, this has led to the concept of “train friends”. It basically refers to travelers who travel together on a daily basis in the same local train develop a friendship. Today, we have friend circles in our colony, at work, maybe a club you are part of and local train that you travel every day! Interacting with these friends makes the commute interesting and something to look forward to.

Another thing to do is to just observe people and things around. Trying to study strangers and their behavior helps you develop an ability to understand human behavior in an unbiased way. It also helps you to become more aware and attentive to your environment in general. 

Spend time with your thoughts and ideas. Make your Commute productive by Ideating.

10 Ideas to make your Commute Productive

Spending time with self and your thoughts can be another way to utilize your commute time. Whether it is wandering mentally about an idea that you have or writing them down will help you bring closer to your inner self. It can surely bring out creative ideas and thoughts to the conscious mind which you suppress while being constantly on the run. If you are an artistic kind you can even consider getting your hands to doodle and sketch during these ones to three hours a day of time that we spend traveling.

This alone time that most of us spend sulking about the tensions of life can actually become the motivating energy to look at life with positive eyes and work towards your goals.

Can’t we make the commute productive and efficient?

10 Ideas to make your Commute Productive

Share your ride with a neighbor or colleague and make your Commute Productive

Fuel rates are touching the sky and will possibly continue to rise higher. One of the ways to curb your fuel expenses while making your travel time enjoyable is by sharing your ride. Pool driving is becoming a common concept in the city where people living close by and having common travel route take turns with their vehicles to drive to work. This also can help to better our environmental conditions.

Another way is to choose share rides instead of personal rides while using car rental apps like Ola and Uber to commute. These give you a chance to meet new people and at the same time are pocket-friendly. The only concern will be you will have to leave a little early to reach your destination on time.

Next Tip to make your Commute Productive would be Walk the talk.

Given the city lifestyle, most of us are becoming more and more health conscious. We spend hours and thousands on a gym membership to stay fit and fine. While some religiously do their daily exercise, others find it difficult to remove the time and motivation to do it regularly. Commute time can offer you the chance to burn those calories we gain while trying to live a modern and western life. The idea is to simply add walking as a mode of your transport. Whether it is partial distance or the entire distance if you work close by, walking can help you stay fit. Wrapping up our list of 10 Ideas to make your Commute Productive with:

 Reduce travel time if possible

10 Ideas to make your Commute Productive

Three to four hours of traveling a day will leave any human exhausted. Today, organizations are more employee-centric and do offer options like work from home to negate wastage of time traveling. You can also avail leaves to take a break from travel and rejuvenate by spending time on a hobby or a passion.

Also, consider the travel time before accepting any new work opportunities. Most of us are willing to change jobs for a couple of thousands without considering the increase in the travel time. Earning little less and living a balanced life can actually be more cost-effective compared to the toll you will take on your mental, emotional and physical well being due to long travel hours.

Most people who have long commutes feel like helpless victims enduring a necessary evil making them cranky and emotionally drained. But it is possible to improve your commute by turning it into a more positive experience by following few of the suggestions mentioned above. Travel time need not be a torturous reality of life. It could be a fun and motivating time that you look forward to every day of your life.

Follow the above-listed tasks to make your commute productive.

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