Breaking 10 Myths About The #MeToo Movement

#MeToo movement came into the spotlight in October 2017, however, it was Tarana Burke who founded it. Women started coming forward in public by with allegations of harassment. Very soon, in a few months, the movement in America spread like fire and a lot of people came up with stories of being assaulted and harassed at the workplace by people who were in power. With time, the movement became bigger, people started with stories of abusive and coercive behavior from outside the work zone too. One year after, the long term outcomes of the movement came out to be uncertain. For instance, some high profile men like Al Franken, Weinstein, Les Moonves, and Mario Batali were no more working.

On the other side, people like Donald Trump and Kavanaugh were still working. There are certain workplaces that made certain changes to fight with the issues of sexual harassment, however, there are still some corporations who have not done anything to keep the employees safe.

In addition to this, it has also come to light that #MeToo movement while doing good is also doing bad to some set of people. Some people are coming up with fake stories as well, hurting the sentiments of some people and destroying their careers.

Me too Movement

Myths rising from #MeToo movement

Off lately, we have come across a lot of stories, which were difficult to judge over who is correct. Therefore, it is essential that the truth is differentiated from fictional stories. Let us check out some common myths associated with this movement.

1. Most stories are hearsay

There is a common criticism that surrounds all the assault allegations. For instance, most of the stories are followed by ‘he said’ or ‘she says.’ So, how can one judge who is right and who is wrong based on the opposing testimonials? We have a policy in our nation that states ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ And this is followed by protecting rapists, questioning the survivor and assassinating the character. Well, when it comes to #MeToo movement, it is initially difficult to focus on the narrative. Even multiple accusations coming up for a person cannot be true, it can be a hearsay or just a circle of gossip.

2. Movement is ruining innocents’ lives

It is not just women who are running the lives of men, it is actually the survivors who are holding most of the assailants as accountable. Although it is not often, it is however at times, that most of the consequences are leading to sexual assaults. The consequences as heard can lead to two outcomes, either actual rapists or the predator will land in jail or a person who was just joking around unknowingly about the female peers will damage his career. Therefore, without a proper justice system, it can ruin someone’s life.

3. No possibility of a real change with just a hashtag

Just relying on a hashtag and talking over it, again and again, will not make any false story right. Therefore, there is a responsibility of every person to see that some real change happens. People need to work to bring a change. That work should be beyond social posts and actually coming on the podium. Usually, most of the hashtag movements do nothing but entertain people. Only when a real powerful change occurs, then something can be done to save the masses. For instance, walking up to the HR of the company with actual proofs is what is required.

4. The movement revolves around women only

It is true as per the statistics that women are highly at risks to sexual assaults than men. However, it is also correct that even men suffer from such concerns. As per Terry Crews, an actor, who was a survivor from the movement, said that even men can be survivors and women could be perpetrators. In addition to this, he comes up with a valid point saying just physical strength cannot just be the catalyst for sexual assaults. Even factors such as power imbalances, psychological coercion, and so on can lead to sexual concerns. Hence, a story against any man should not be taken so seriously before any proofs come up. Instead of making it a gender war, there is a need to hear all the accounts from both parties.

5. This movement can be a witch hunt

#MeToo movement has become a trending topic off lately, and even innocent men have become alleged targets. This movement can also be called a witch hunt because the stories are coming up based on histories of misogyny and violence. And with more accountability and awareness of the movement, anyone who is recalling any joke incident is also making a big story of sexual assault. Hence, it is said that not every story can be right when heard from one side. 

6. Past revenge

When the air is getting contaminated with more and ore Me Too stories, some people are taking advantage of it to take any past revenge. That’s right. For instance, if a junior actor has not been given any break based on his/her capabilities, that past experience is now being used in a different manner to allege a person. Hence, all me too stories cannot be true. Even the subordinates in offices are taking out their anger on their superiors under the disguise of #MeToo movement and trying to spoil someone’s future.

7. Reality is disappearing

As per a certain survey, 2 to 8% of the reports on sexual assault are wrong. Some made-up stories are spreading across, and even relatable people without any actual proofs are joining it to make it bigger than it should be. It is really tough to judge between right and wrong, but of late a lot of false reports are coming up. It is serious that someone is being falsely accused, and even when it has been proved, people no more believe it. Thus, the reality is a blur and innocent people are getting traumatized, followed up by destroying lives.

8. Public gimmick

Since the past two years, publicity has become a common gimmick. True stories or not, the publicity always takes a toll. For instance, trolling is the latest concept that can come up since the past decade. Whether it is about the dress sense, political speech, any sports incident, trailer of a movie, or a song, trolling is turning out to be the public gimmick on the social media sites. Similarly, as per a lot of high profile people, even Me too movement is a public gimmick, which will disappear in a few weeks. Basically, most people say that it will not bring out any real change.

9. PR marketing

For many celebrities, me too movement has become nothing but a PR marketing strategy to bring the company or corporation into the limelight. Hence, it can be again and again said that not all stories coming out from the cocoon of me too movements can be true, they can be false as well. Nowadays, corporations just need publicity, they do not mind if it is negative or positive. For instance, an employee of one company can allege a harassment on the employee or employer of other company under the hats of me too movement.

10. Fake feminism movement

As seen in the everyday news, feminism movements are rocking the charts. However, some women are taking the issue as a rivalry towards the opposite sex. There are fake me too movements coming up which is taking the fake feminism movement at some heights. Such stories need to be analyzed deeply in order to find whether they are true or just made up ones to hoist the flag of feminism, which is however not based on any of the factual aspects.

Final thoughts

The above aspects say that the latest #MeToo movement is not completely true as it appears to be. Since last few moments, India has been witnessing an increasing number of stories of harassment and sexual assault. But, is anyone seriously getting into the matter to decode the truth behind every story? People are just using it as a hot topic in daily gossips and just leaving it in the air. A lot of people are taking an advantage of the movement for their own sake. They are damaging the character of innocent people.

Instead of believing any story, it is always wise to look in for the facts and proofs. Although it is a sensitive topic for many, one needs to give out a fair judgement. In addition to this, instead of using the me too movements as a gimmick over the media channels, one should step up and reach the high authorities such as the HR department of the office, boss of the company, or the police of the state. One should understand that going to the media can hardly bring a positive solution. It can rather it can make the situation worse. Be careful, and spread a good word about the movement.

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