10 Printing Trends every event manager should know

10 Printing Trends Every Event Manager Should Know about

Event management is an exciting as well as an equally tough job. As an event manager, you have to be constantly on your toes, interacting with people and building your social network. There are many tasks that require several months of planning and execution involved to make any event successful.

Effective branding is very crucial to build a strong event brand for yourself as well to ensure your sponsors and partners get the desired outcome. There are endless ways to showcase your key sponsors and partners but most of these ideas come with a high price tag. Printing products with your brand name and logo on it is one of the most effective ways of brand building. 

Here are 10 printing trends that an event manager should not ignore : 

1) Photo booth:

Photo Booth

A photo booth is trending in various events today whether corporate or private. No matter how busy the participants are, between their networking and sessions time, they will surely wait back to click a selfie at a photo booth. You can ensure that this area clearly highlighted about the event and your key sponsors and partners in such a way that they are captured at the background of the photo which attendees will share on their social media accounts.

2) Hashtag printer:

Printing photos on Hashtag Printer

This is a fairly new concept which is getting popular abroad. Hashtag printer is a smart printer which is connected to the internet. It has a software that pulls all the images uploaded on the internet and social media with the specific hashtag that you define and prints the image. You can promote a hashtag and encourage attendees to post their selfies with the hashtag and later collect the printed version of their image from a dedicated booth. This might be an expensive affair but will surely create the impact of your event and the social media mentions.

3) Personalised souvenirs:

Printing_ Personalized Sovenirs

Most of the events require to be pre-booked by the attendees to reserve their seat or entry. In this case, you would already have their basic information like name, organization and contact details etc. which they share as part of the registration process.

You can get a personalized souvenir like a desk calendar, an organizer or a pen which the attendees could collect from the registration area during the event. Everyone loves to get a gift or a goodie with their name on it and will likely keep them for a long time.

Having something that they might carry around like a pen etc. will get you the publicity even after the event. Obviously, these products will have your event logo and key sponsor or sponsors mentioned.

Trending Now

4) Lectern branding:

Lectern Branding

If you have speakers presenting from a lectern all eyes will be on the stage and the audience will most likely be taking photos and sharing these pictures online, therefore having branding on the podium is a must. Simply printing logos onto a PVC banner material, ordered to the bespoke size measurements of the lectern is the best option.

This can be attached with tack, tape or velcro and is so light you don’t need to worry about it dropping off. You can have a square or rectangular shape to fit your logo, or perhaps consider a design which runs vertically down to the floor. They are one of the cost-effective branding options.

5) Social media prop:

Printing Social Media Props
A prop designed as a custom social media frame is a great way to get the attendees to take more photos and share on different social media sites. Ensure that you mention your logo and event details on the prop to get visibility through their networks.

Designing and printing a small frame is inexpensive. You can even get one of your team members to take pictures of selected attendees to post them on your social media pages and then encourage people to like your page and tag themselves in the photo.

You can even run photo competitions and give gifts in return for getting the most likes on the photo.

Creative Trends

6) Bunting:


Bunting is another trend in the event industry. Branded bunting can be printed according to your requirements in terms of colors, logos, and length. You can place them in the desired area. They are decorations that highlight your brand and sponsors.

7) Wristbands:

Printing_ Wristbands
Wristbands are another branding option and an alternative to badges. They are a low-cost option. They are available in a variety of colors, which can be printed in a single color or full-color print process. Also, it is easily possible to mention information like the event hashtag or website address.

8) Paper bags and boxes:

Paper bags
Many event managers are changing their catering options for convenience. Lunches and snacks are being served in grab bags at events instead of running the hassle of buffets. This has given way to branded paper bags and boxes for additional visibility. You can give away registration kits in Paper bags

Printing Necessities

9) Lanyards and badges:

Lanyards and Badges
Printing your logo on event badges to be worn by every attendee is one of the simple and common practices used by event managers. Lanyards can also be a classy option for branding. They are single colored and can easily be customized with your logo printed on it. These are less expensive and have short delivery timelines.

You can even have branded printed attachments to the lanyards, carrying key event information like agenda, key speakers, layout plan, lunch coupons etc. This will give easy access for the attendees to information without the hassle of carrying the conference brochure around separately.

10) Roll up standees

Roll up Standee
Roll up standees are an important print product that is part of a marketing toolkit. You can make use of these portable standees to mention your brand identity and event information. Place them at strategic places in the event area. Most of the new age standees are reusable by changing just the event information.

11) T-Shirts:

Branded t-shirts are a great way to identify event staff and brand at the event. The costs may be over budget for a small event as the price per unit decreases drastically based on the order volume. If customized t-shirts are out of the question you can still suggest a color theme for all of your staff to match the event or main sponsor logo colors. You can provide scarves or ties in your brand color to produce a uniform look for the team without breaking the budget.


Thus, these print products and ideas which are in trend can be great tools to not only ensure your supporters are center stage, to thank them for their financial contribution but at the same time to achieve the balance between the budget and creating an impact.

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