business card mistakes Part 1

Top 16 Business Card Mistakes – Part I

You probably expected to read another long article outlining the various problems related to a business card. You’ll probably stop halfway, realize that none of this is relevant, and move on to another site. That’s where you’re wrong.

We’re going to make this article interactive and engaging for you. Before you go any further, pull out your own company’s business card, get a piece of paper, and grab a pen or a highlighter. Do you have all these? Good. Now, while you read this article, follow us and be ready to identify any mistakes you might be making.

Here are eight common mistakes that companies make in a business card and how you can rectify them.

1. Too Few Contact Details on Business Card

Every card should contain the company name, the person’s name, their job position, website, phone number, and email. This is the bare minimum. You can also add your mobile number and social media links. It is appalling that some companies have cards with little to no instructions on how to contact them. If the other person can’t even reach you, how can they avail of your products or services?

2. Information Overload in Business Card

Business cards are small and people want to fit in as many details as they can within them. However, you need to determine which parts are important and which ones are not. We all know the old proverb ‘Too much of anything is good for nothing’, and that applies to business cards as well. You need to entice and lure people in rather than showing your full hand. Less is more.

3. Business Card with Miniscule Font 

This mistake goes hand in hand with the above one as companies try to decrease their font size to include more information. This is wrong. Your text needs to be large enough for people to identify information without squinting or straining. Avoid using the wrong font styles as well, for you want to keep it simple. If the customer is unable to read it, they will discard it. Hand your card to other employees and see if they can read it.

4. Colossal Business Card

This is one more problem that arises because people want to insert more into the card. Yes, you will be able to add more if you have a bigger card, but a larger card won’t fit in a card holder, wallet, or purse. There is a place that they will fit in, though: the dustbin. You should note that the normal dimensions of a business card are 3.5 inches x 2 inches ( about 9cm x 5cm). Stick to these guidelines and work within them to the best of your ability.

5. Awkwardly Shaped Business Card

One thing you need to understand is that your business card isn’t a toy. It is a tool from which you can generate new leads and gain new alliances. Crafting a card in a different shape such as oval, triangle, or square might make it memorable, but it may also get thrown out a lot quicker than a regular card. As stated in the previous point, use the standard size and thickness as this is what people are accustomed to. If you try too hard to stand out and design your card in a weird or unusual manner, your interaction will shape up to be a bad one.

6. Business Card Containing Faulty Links

This is one erroneous problem that you might overlook. Inaccuracies in your card with regard to links are to be avoided. Enter the links exactly as they are on the card for your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and any other ones into your browser to check if they work. You might spot a spelling error or the URL may have been changed. Make sure your email is correct as well. One wrong letter or symbol will lead to a wrong link, so you have to be careful to avoid this. Be sure to proofread your card before printing many copies of it. That leads us to the next mistake.

7. Business Card using Poor Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and grammatical mistakes on your website, emails, and business cards indicate that you are not serious about the quality of your work. People may even question your professional credibility if you hand them a card riddled with errors. Proofread the design to eliminate incorrect information and make sure everything on your cards is factual. Also, ask your fellow employees to check the card for mistakes. If a grammatical error still manages to slip through, do not correct it with your pen or pencil. You should print the set of cards again.  

8. Banal Business Card

Having a boring business card is simply unacceptable in this day and age. It doesn’t have to be the best business card in the world, but there should be some memorable features that differentiate your card from the rest. You have so many tools and techniques at your disposal that a bland card can only be the result of laziness. Boring cards will be thrown in with the rest and forgotten. If you want to make a good impression on your customers and partners, craft a bold and vibrant card. To do this, you need a good printing service.

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Now for eight more business card mistakes!

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