Designing Spectacular Standees

4 Suggestions for Constructing Spectacular Standees

When it comes to outdoor marketing, standees are all the rage these days. A large promotional display capable of standing on its own is generally referred to as a standee. The word ‘standee’ is a short form of ‘standing banner’.

Much like banners, standees help draw attention to a brand, company, or service using appropriate text and graphics. They are also used as informational pieces in front of exhibition stalls.

Standees follow the same basic rules as those for building a banner. Now that you have decided on using a standee, take a look at four of the important suggestions for constructing a spectacular standee.

Bring on the Colours

Colours have personalities. Each colour evokes different emotions in different people. Therefore, the right colours are essential to bring out the best of your standee. While opting for bold colours might seem a good choice, go a step ahead by incorporating your brand colour to the standee.

Aim to create a healthy contrast between the background and message. Refrain from using too many colours, as this tends to create a jarring effect on the eyes.

Less is More

People who view your standee are unlikely to devote lots of time to read it. Consequently, there is no point in using flowery language and complicated graphics. Choose the appropriate words to convey the most important information first. It is always better to allow the top space of your standee to place your company logo and name.

Alternatively, you can also go in for announcing the most eye-catching news on the top. This is because the top space is what meets people’s eyes first. Whatever you choose to keep in the top space, remember the acronym ‘KISS’: Keep It Short and Simple.

You have to be judicious while selecting what key information you’d like to display. It is necessary to include the essential information, but take care not to clutter your banner with so many words. There is always an option to include additional information in brochures, flyers or pamphlets.

Perfect your Picture

A picture conveys more than a thousand words. That said, it is also of utmost importance to select the relevant images of good quality. Do not make the mistake of downloading images from web pages and using it on your standees, as those images are likely to get pixelated. Instead go in for HD quality photographs, some of which are free to access on the web.

You can also use self-designed logos or graphics using software like Illustrator and Photoshop. Make sure to place the graphics in an appropriate manner. Like in the case of texts, people have a tendency to look from left to right.


TMI – Too Much Information!

Unlike other pieces of communication, a standee is not generally used to convey comprehensive contact details of your company or brand. As discussed earlier, a standee is more of a promotional tool.

Chances are that potential customers can reach out to you with the additional information provided in leaflets. So there is no need to lay an emphasis on your contact details. As such, place the contact details in a crisp format at the bottom of your standee.

You can also trigger a bit of suspense by choosing not to give away all contact details. This would encourage the customer to do a bit of research on your brand by themselves.

Sensational Standees from PrintStop

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