5 tips for attractive standee design

5 tips for attractive standee design

Enter a movie multiplex, a music store, shopping mall or trade fairs. You can see a small banner stands displaying product images attractively. These standees beckon you to enter the store, stall or theatre and make a sale. That is the effectiveness of standees.

Standees are often placed in lobbies of malls or theatres to capture the attention of passers-by. The creative standee design with its vibrant colors and catchy content makes the onlooker stop and notice. Standees are great visibility materials that act as influencers in making sales of movie tickets, CDs, books etc.


The most crucial factor in the success of a standee is its innovative design and here are some tips

Tips for creative standee design

1. Logo or Core Message at the top

While designing a standee, place the Company logo at the top. Since a standee stands upright, a viewer scans it from top to bottom and the first thing he sees will be the logo or the main message. One look at this and his curiosity is aroused. This makes him read further. So place the most important information like “25% off” or “Levis Sale” at eye level for the viewer to scan. This should be at a level where it grabs the attention of the passerby. Remember “eye-level is buy-level.”

2. High-Quality Images

Your standee has to be attractive and appealing. So you are going to use vibrant and vivid colors and spectacular images. Ensure that the images are of high quality with a resolution of not less than 300 dpi. Also, save the images in CMYK format which is ideal for printing. If you are offloading the image from a website, it will be in RGB and has to be converted to CMYK. Use superior laser printing from a professional Print specialist for sharp images with perfect resolution. Your image is going to be the attention-grabber in your standee. So get it right!

3. The tagline that counts

Often we see standees with bright flashy colors and just skip them as we pass by. Yet occasionally some catchy phrase on the tagline makes you do a double take and look again. This catchy tagline at the top clinches the deal.

Taglines are most important to push promotional offers and seasonal discounts. So make sure they are trendy, catchy, short and snappy.

4. Right color combination

Standees have to stand out. So obviously they should be in bright colors. Yet there are some dos and don’ts of using colors in standees.

  • Fluorescent colors work well for standees.
  • Bright hues of red and orange really stand out
  • Yellow and white together does not work well for standees as the information is difficult to read at a distance.
  • Colour usage also depends on the ethnicity of the viewers. For instance, Americans prefer blue the most, followed by green, purple and red.
  • The tone of the color also depends on the lighting used- whether it is incandescent, fluorescent, neon, or just plain daylight.

5. Contact information

Do not fail to give full contact details including address, telephone and mobile numbers, website links etc. If your company has an FB or Twitter page, but those thumbnails too. Make sure the contacts are at the bottom but easy to read. You can highlight them using a different color for attention.

Your Standee design must be such that it grabs and retains the attention of as many onlookers as possible in the floating crowd. To achieve this, get your Standee designed creatively, attractively and professionally from a seasoned Print specialist who is an expert in Standee design.

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