6 Ideas To Give Personalized Photo Gifts for Occasions

6 Ideas To Give Personalized Photo Gifts for any Occasions

A gift is an offering that makes your spirits lift and when that gift is personalized, the receiver’s joy is doubled. Among personalized presents, Photo gifts occupy a special place and are cherished more as they bear the pretty picture of the person to whom they are offered. PrintStop offers a wide range of personalized Photo Gifts which are designed with taste, crafted with care and produced to perfection.

Why give Personalized Photo Gifts?

Photo Gifts are the best choice as they are a great way to

  1. Please a person you love
  2. Preserve your rare and ravishing photos.
  3. Celebrate and cherish a memorable occasion
  4. Treasure sacred memories
  5. Transform ordinary objects into souvenirs or cherished collectibles.


Occasions to give Photo Gifts

You don’t need a reason to gift a loved person but some occasions do need Photo Gifts like these events below.

  1. Birthdays РYears roll on and we grow older by the minute. Yet we still love to cherish the photos of our cute childhood or youth. Gift a person on his birthday with a unique Photo Gift bearing his best younger-looking photo and make him feel touched by your gift.
  2. Weddings – A wedding is a “once-in-a-lifetime” occasion to rejoice and celebrate. Make it memorable with Photo Gifts of the newly-weds and find a place in their hearts forever.
  3. Anniversaries- Wedding anniversaries mark the passing of every year of a successful marriage. Let your special Photo Gifts remind them of the special moments of their joyful journey.
  4. Farewells– Leaving a job, office site or a place is a sentimental moment. Capture this moment with a Photo Gift and make it last forever.
  5. Travels and tours– Visiting a new place is an exciting event meant to be remembered forever. With attractive Photo Gifts, these moments can never be forgotten.
  6. Housewarming- Entering a new house is a momentous occasion. Preserve these precious moments with Photo Gifts.

Occasions abound like baby showers, christening ceremonies, school and college graduations, festivals etc. are to be cherished using Photo Gifts.

6  Personalized Photo gift ideas

1. Personalized Canvas Prints

Photographs have an age-old tradition of preserving memories. Instead of the normal framed photographs, use a personalized Canvas Print to transform your picturesque photos into classy portraits. Canvas prints created artistically complement the ambiance of your home rendering it more aesthetic.

2. Photo Mugs

No morning is complete without a cup of coffee or tea. Savouring the beverage in our Photo Mug adds more flavor to your morning. Personalized coffee mugs with attractive photos lend an extra appeal to your gift.

3. Photo Keychains

Cars and bikes need key chains to tag their keys. Why not use attractive Photo Keychains to get that personalized look? This ensures that your keys don’t get lost and can be easily traced using the photo.

4. Picture Frames

Pictures are a part of every home. Make them more special with Personalized Photo Frames. These lend a special customized look making each picture truly a display item.

Collage Frames are premium items in this genre as they allow you to create and display a Photo-collection that is complete and colorful.

5. Bottles

Use Photo-Printed Water bottles to add an extra touch of class to your gifting. No one can refuse this gift as everyone loves to see their own picture and use it often or even every day.

6. Pillows and Blankets

Photo-printed pillows or blankets are always loved gifts because people like to cuddle up with their loved ones on their picture-pillows when they sleep. They make the perfect gifting idea for families and kids.

Photo Gifts are the best way to treasure memories and preserve them for life and make ideal presents for any occasion or person. Choose from PrintStop’s wide range of Personalized Photo Gifts to make your gifts more lasting and lovable.

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  1. Good article on a very growing trend of personalized photo gifts. Surprised to see some of the products in this list like pillows and blankets. Very innovative ways to use this concept of personalized photo gifts.

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