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6 Tips for Designing a Brilliant Business Brochure

In today’s digital world, people either feel that a hard-copy business brochure is irrelevant, or they waste time making a half-hearted attempt at designing and printing them. Consequently, they either do a shoddy job or ignore business brochures altogether. This is unacceptable.

A brochure that is designed in a professional manner can help garner leads and promote your brand. On the flip side, a poor looking brochure will not only fail to attract customers, it may lead them to choose a competitor’s business over yours.

You should also note that the tips for making a brochure are not the same as those for a booklet or flyer. Learn the difference between the three before you begin reading this article.

What follows are six tips for designing a brilliant business brochure.


How should your brochure look?

The idea of something is almost always different from reality. Intriguing, but true! The same applies to the business brochure as well. Just throwing together some pictures and text in a haphazard manner will get you nowhere. You need to actually outline how you want the brochure to look like.

You may have a hundred thoughts and assumptions about the business brochure, but this is where your brainstorming should come to life. You may need to set aside a few hours to develop a plan for your brochure. Put pen to paper.

Take an A4 (or the size you want) sheet and draw the dimensions first so you know how much you can fit in the brochure. Think and craft your brochure well in advance rather than leaving things to the last day. This way you can see feedback from others before sending it out for printing. 

Keep some of the next points in mind while planning your brochure.


Why are you creating this brochure?

Before you set out on designing your business brochure, it is imperative that you know its actual use and capabilities. Is it for an event, announcing a competition, a meet and greet, or simply as an advertising tool to promote products and services?

You can either tailor the design for a specific event or product/service or make a general brochure for handing out. Pull out your old brochures and their electronic files and check what needs to be updated. Only when you know what you want to achieve, you can change it.


Who will read your brochure?

While developing a brochure, acknowledge the customers or target audience. Brochures act as a means of communication between them and you. If you’re going after fellow professional business people, keep things formal without being too fancy. A younger crowd might require something more colourful and vibrant. The words used on your business brochure will also change based on the target demographic.  

Always remember, a brochure that appeals to you may not always appeal to the customer. This is where second opinions come in handy. Give out your brochure to your peers and see if they understand the gist of it. They could point out some flaws that you might not have noticed. Prioritize your reader. Rather than thinking about what you want to do, think about what the reader wants.


What are the alternatives?

You should never limit yourself to merely one idea for your brochure. Always keep additional choices available. You may encounter some problems with your original design, and you don’t want to go all the way back to square one.

You want to have a minimum of three ideas so that you have more samples to fall back on in case the first choice fails. This strategy also works well because an idea that doesn’t work for one type of business brochure can be incorporated into another type.


Where does the design deviate?

Stay true to your company’s values and mission. Destroy any disconnection between the brochure and the rest of your company. This is why you should use the style/colours of your company’s logo, website, and business card. Include relevant images as well to add flavor. Your company logo is an absolute must to develop your brand identity.

Although a certain bit of glitz and glamour is expected, never overdo it. Always include your contact details so people can get in touch with you. Also, make it a standard business brochure. It can be dual-fold or trifold, but anything more than that is excessive. Try not to cram it with too much text as it will overwhelm the reader.  


When does creativity become chaotic?

Your goal should be to get your main message across to the reader. Refrain from adding too many embellishments as they will become distractions. The customer should be able to read the information properly. Stick to the basics and fundamentals. Too many fonts make the brochure less professional. You want to eschew obfuscation (avoid confusion).

Finding the right balance between the text and images is the key here. Make your headlines large and in a clear typeface as they should be the main focus. Company details should be visible, but they are not the most important part. Cursive fonts and small sizes are out of the question.

Place emphasis on whatever you plan to offer depending on the objective in the second tip. If your brochure is good enough, readers will automatically view the company details.

Brilliant Business Brochure from PrintStop

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When designing a business brochure, it is best if you let your text do the talking. The other elements like colour, images, and font are good to attract and increase memorability. However, a brochure that lacks substance will be soon forgotten. Therefore, the text should be your main focus. To make sure that the brochure isn’t incomplete, include a call-to-action. Here is ours:

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