7 Creative ways to Use Print for your Diwali Decoration

With Diwali comes the time for cleaning, rearranging and ushering in the new into your home and workplace. It is also a festival when you decorate your living and work space to add to the cheer. Diwali is just around the corner and the air will soon be festive.

Everywhere you look, you will see pretty lights, lamps and beautiful rangoli. And your home or office will not be any exception. While the market is filled with myriad articles for Diwali decoration, there is a certain pride in creating your own and giving a touch of your personality. Of course, the admiration of guests and colleagues is an added incentive to creating your own Diwali decorations.

We bring to you 7 creative ways to use print media for your decoration this Diwali!

1. Printed rangoli stickers

Diwali Stickers

No Diwali decoration is complete without the colourful rangoli. Traditionally, young girls and women use colourful powders to create beautiful designs at the entrances of their homes to welcome guests. With possibilities of easily getting custom shaped stickers printed online, you can get rangoli cutouts in a wide variety of designs, colors and patterns. The design could be as beautiful and unique as you make it.

It will save hours that you would spend creating rangolis manually. The stickers will also ensure that it is not spoiled by the guests coming in or the excited children running around. Add diyas, candles, small lamps and even earthen pots to bring your rangoli to life.

2. Wall stickers

Most of the houses and office avoid wall decorations in order to safeguard the walls from possible damage done by using cello tapes on the paints. By having wall stickers which come off easily once you try to remove, it will be possible to unleash your creativity. Sweets, crackers, rangolis, images of Ram and Sita etc. which are symbolic to Diwali could be few design options that you could have on your walls. They are also easy to put up saving your time and effort.

3. Wobblers

Wooblers for Diwali

Wobblers are one of the promotional and marketing print materials used commonly in the retail and event industry. It will be great to print diwali designs and have them wobble on your walls. They come in variety of shapes and sizes and are easily available online. The custom shape makes them very attractive for the eyes. You just need to upload your design and print them. Your design could be Diwali quotes, patterns etc. If your are using for your office, it could also be your brand logo.

4. Danglers

Danglers are yet another promotional print material used in conferences and events. Like wobblers, they too are very attractive. Printed in either, square, circle or punch cut shapes, danglers with vibrant and colorful designs can beautify your space brilliantly.

5. Cushion covers

 Diwali cushion covers

Get printed cushion covers in Diwali theme or simply in vibrant colors and they will add an extra dose of festiveness to your living room or the waiting room in the reception area.

6. Toran

Torans are traditional flower garlands used at the entrance for decorations. This Diwali, ditch the garlands which do not look fresh a day later or those cheap mass produced plastic ones, and get custom toran printed. Whether you want to stick to the flower and leaf pattern or try some unique design to stand out, they will look awesome and different. You can choose to go beyond the entrance area to put them up. If kept well, they could be usable even next Diwali.

7. Diwali lamp shades or Kandil

Diwali Kandil

Lamp shades or kandil are must as Diwali decorations. For most places, it is the only decoration used along with few other lighting options. This year you can choose to print a lamp shades with images of your family members to add a personal touch.

These are few unique and creative ways to decorate this Diwali using printed materials. While you might have to spend some time getting the designs finalized and a printer to convert them into physical shapes, it will be worth the effort and time.

Most of these can be easily reusable in the coming years. Also, with custom printing it will be possible to have family of print products with a uniform design.

Also, make it an eco-friendly Diwali this year. Recycle and reuse, and make your own Diwali decorations without losing the festive spirit.

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