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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Promotional Product

Before we look into the details of what to choose and how to choose let’s look at why a company needs these promotional items to give away as freebies. This concept goes way back to the 1700’s and it has been an idea that has stuck around for decades. If you believe that marketing through promotional products isn’t effective marketing then it’s about time you change your perspective because something as small as promotional products have been doing companies good for decades then you ought to get in line.

Now randomly picking gifts that you think are ‘cool’ or ‘useful’ isn’t what we are looking for. Connectivity in terms of the company and brand/services with the customers and public. It’s about making an impact and leaving a mark. If you are in the process of choosing a new range of promotional items and are stuck in a rut these 7 tips will aid you in choosing the right promotional products.

1. Relativity and connection to the industry

Dissociation in any two given aspects have no room for connectivity. Therefore, be cautious that the products you choose have a certain level of relevance with the brand and your audience. Anything out of context will fail to remind your customers of your brand or services and simply make use of the product handed over to them.

2. Items to suit your location

Giving away scarfs and mittens to your customers that experience extreme heat on a daily basis isn’t just not going to make sense, you would probably end up annoying a few customers. If you make a wrong move in relation to the above, how could they possibly trust your judgment on the services provided or the products you have to offer. Therefore, choose wisely. Allow it to make sense as well as add value to the company and the customer.

3. Choose a theme

The medical and engineering industries can get creative here. With the advancement in customizing products in any given shape and size as your desire, these industries and similar, can take advantage of the fact and use it to their advantage. For example, pill-shaped USBs or key chains replicating medical equipment and so on. It isn’t just different and fancy, it also sends a strong reminder of the company and its services.

4. Innovation

Pens, bags, t-shirts and caps are typical choices but as the days go by more and more items keep getting added to the list. Why stick to the basics. Choose from a wide range of innovative products that are made available and you’ll have your promotional product sitting on your customer’s shelf for more than the expected time. Go all out and choose for the basic necessities of this year in terms of battery chargers, USB, phone cases. Get out of your old set ways and step into the new and use technology and innovation to your advantage.

5. Cost efficiency

It is certain that your company has a marketing budget for your promotional products. It doesn’t necessarily mean if you are trying to promote your company with new promotional products it is going to cost you more. Choose wisely. Thanks to the option of mass production purchasing products or customizing products in bulk have served many industries good. You can choose from a novel and innovative range that allows companies to get creative and cut down on cost as well if they wish.

6. Durability

We want these essential products that we give out as freebies simply not to sit on a shelf gathering dust but to be products that can be used every. Essentials are the key here. While choosing a promotional product begin to ask yourself if the product chosen is of use to the customer and for how long. Having your answer you can now choose wisely and have your product moved around doing it’ job and not simply sitting on the desk or on the shelf.

7. Uniqueness

Make sure you stand out. People aren’t looking for products that have absolutely no use other than for decorative purposes. Make it a part of their daily life. Make sure it’s something that assists in making life a lot more easier. Don’t still to the usual. For some reason we, humans are designed in a manner that’s always looking for different. Therefore, choose to be different, stand-out in the crowd and be unique.


With the above seven pointers and tips on how to choose the right promotional product will be made easy. Stick to the tips and watch your special marketing project on promotional products be a hit.


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