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8 Reasons to Use Standee Banners to Promote Special Events

For those of you wondering how to make add a mark to the event you are at – get a roll-up standee. It is similar to posting one’s flag to mark your territory. Businesses have been using roll-up standees for all events for very obvious reasons which we will discuss. This banner with a stand goes by many names – pull up banner, easel banner stand, roll-up banner, roll-up standees, portable banner to name a few. If your business doesn’t own a few standees then it’s high time you do.

But before we go over to the reasons here’s how you set-up a roll-up standee in these simple steps:

  • Place the standee on a flat surface and twist open the two feet at the bottom and flip it over.
  • Straighten out the 3 interconnected rods and align the ends together.
  • Hold the rod vertically and insert the end without the plastic cap into the hole on the top surface of the standee.
  • Now pull out the banner that has been inserted inside the standby pulling the banner out equally and place it at the top of the rod.
  • The plastic cap on the rod is designed with a slot to hold on to the banner.
  • You have your portable roll-up standee ready to be displayed.

Here are the top 8 reasons as to why you should use a standee to promote your special event


The size of a roll-up standee is 3×6 ft. Therefore you are given the space between the mentioned size to go all out on making your brand or the name of the company stand out. Go bold and make sure your company or the brand’s name is the highlight. It is the flag of your company at the event.


These banners can be easily rolled up to a width of 3 ft. and placed into a compact bag used for carrying as well as protection. Damages during carrying the roll-up standee are minimal. Convenience and portability are what a roll-up standee is for.


The packed size of a roll-up standee is 3x6ft. as mentioned earlier. This is well packed into a designated bag with a zipper and straps for easy transportation. It doesn’t occupy much space for storage and can easily be pushed under any table or even in the last shelf of your cabinet.


When it is said that a roll-up standee is reusable it doesn’t just mean the banner can be moved from one place to another but it can be reused in a way where a banner can be re-printed and attached, thus, making it reusable.


The cost of a roll-up standee is quite reasonable for its productivity. It is cost-effective and the fact that the stand is reusable for multiple events makes it of convenience. It is a one-time investment stand and the re-printing costs for the banner wouldn’t count too much.

6.Quick to print 

as mentioned earlier the width of the banner is 3ft. Anything with the size of approximately 5mts can be printed easily and quickly as most printers have the available machine and it doesn’t require a large format printer. An unexpected marketing event pops-up and you need to make it in a couple of hours, head straight to the printers with your artwork and you are ready to go.

7.Easy storage 

As mentioned earlier, it is quite easy to store the roll-up standee just about anywhere even in an office with limited space well packed and neatly put away until the next events arise.

8.Attention seeker 

You cannot walk past a stall and not notice a roll-up standee. If you are looking to grab attention, get one now! Hanging banners and flyers are a need but one having a roll-up banner will not go unnoticed.

Get creative with designs and artwork to throw out your company into the event. If your company is yet to get one, do it now! The process is quick and simple.


  1. Hi,
    The Pull-up banner, Easel banner stand, Roll-up banner, Roll-up standees and more can easily promote all your business’s special events. Great idea, looks something new to stay unique among competitors. I too have one small suggestion, you can use a poster printing to promote conveniently and creatively your organization’s brand or even get the word out about a special event.

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