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8 Tips for Interacting With Customers

Here are a few quick tips on interacting with your customers and to understand the need for it but before we go ahead why don’t you place a tea coaster down and grab yourself a good cup of coffee. Businesses are booming today with the constant rise in demand and competitions in the most common fields are also rising. What do these companies do to stand out or be heard? Their only solution – Customer Service. With excellent products and services that almost all companies are able to offer the only last resort is to fall back on providing the customer with excellent experiences that create a lasting impression thus, reflecting on the brand or company.

The good thing about this topic of discussion is that we are all Customers at some point and we sure do not want to be treated anything lesser than how we ought to. Hence, this aspect will help us keep our desires on the frontiers of our mind of the dos and don’ts of how one ought to assist to their customers.

Here are 8 interactive strategic methods for interacting with customers

1. Let them know they are important

It is of our human nature to indulge in being given importance and attention to. Well, use this to your advantage. Although a long list of companies very clearly states that ‘A customer is the most important visitor on our premises’ one little setback and they forget to deliver. As mishaps are prone to occur, bear in mind to stay composed and calm not forgetting who is of greater importance in the situation.

2. Use positive statements

When the customer over exceeds with his or her request do not blurt out a big ‘no’ right away. Instead, be courteous to decline using positive statements such as ‘I’m sorry for the inconvenience but we do not provide these services here, perhaps I could offer you this’. This doesn’t just create a diversion but also creates an interest in the customer with the services available at hand.

3. Clear communication

Before we go on to the majors of interaction let’s focus on communication. Clear and crisp statements should be used. Now we are well aware that we tend to get a bit nervous with the technical terminologies and ‘by the book’ phrases. The key is to stay relaxed and have an interaction using layman’s language and you couldn’t go wrong. You will have their attention.

4. Show you are interested

Now we have to keep in mind that we ought to attend to every customer like they are potential buyers and it is not our place to judge who would end up spending their money or otherwise. Therefore, be courteous, professional and welcoming. Every customer wants to be respected and if not anything studies have clearly stated that customers respond better when they are made to feel comfortable.

5. Build a rapport

It is often said that connectivity is the key to any relationship even those short term professional ones. Start off your conversation by greeting, introducing yourself and putting forth a question such as ‘How has your day been?’. This phenomenon often tends to personalize the conversation. Be sure not to misjudge the statement as it might seem contradictory here but the case we are trying to establish is that we are making a quick attempt at building a short-term professional relationship with the customer.  

6. Display your expertise

Now since you have their attention why not pitch in with your excellence in the knowledge of the product. It has been proved statistically that people often make unnecessary purchases more often than they should not because of the need for the product but only because of excellent salesmanship. The word that we are looking for is confidence.

7. Never fail to deliver

After all those impressive starters of building a rapport and those promising lines make sure you deliver. If you fail to do so your customers soaring confidence in the product or services and you as you represent the company will drop to ground zero. Delivering is the key to sustainability. Companies are not looking at building a long client list temporarily; they are looking at building empires that would last for decades in the market.  Deliver in terms of after sales follow up and going the extra mile in displaying gratitude. It goes a long way.  

8. Giveaways and freebies

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Add a few promotional products while delivering or at the end of the service that sure will take you miles with the customer. Ever thought of giving away a tea coaster? Bizarre option, I’m well aware of it. But simply give it a thought! You gift a customer a tea coaster, he’s compelled to place it most probably on his office desk or the lounge and seldom at home. We have people from all walks of industries stepping in and out and with the right kind of branding done not having a look at the tea coaster would be minimal.

There have been various studies that have been conducted by Behavioral Psychologists that allow us to allure the customers in responding positively. This could tend to seem unethical but all that is being established here is the understanding of one’s behavior into shaping desired results.

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