Top 8 types of essential office stationery

Top 8 Types of Essential Office Stationery

Traditional office stationery can be very useful even in today’s world. We aren’t going to include electronic equipment since people use so much technology as is. That is why in this article, we are counting down the top eight types of essential office stationery, one by one. Here we go, starting from Number 8 to Number 1!

  1. Highlighters

We kick off the list of top office stationery with highlighters. Imagine that you are reading a book, magazine, newspaper, or document, and some particular words catch your eye. It could be an interesting line, a quote, or a statistic. Highlighters are the perfect tool to make the important parts stand out. This way, you can save the things that you like.

You can then use what you found in your own seminar, PowerPoint presentation, or at the next meeting. There is no guarantee that everything you highlight will be useful later on, but it doesn’t hurt to do it. You can even add highlights to your own notes. Be careful not to highlight too many things, however, as this defeats the purpose of it.

  1. Staplers


In at number 7, we have staplers. Staplers are the best way to attach papers together aside from clips. Be sure to purchase plenty of staples to go along with it. Keep papers of a report or receipts for related purchases made on the same day and staple them.

With large staplers, you can attach papers such as flyers or notices to the walls. Staplers also act as a staple-remover themselves. Plus, it comes in handy as a paperweight. It’s no wonder they feature on our list of office stationery. 

  1. Envelopes


Some of you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that envelopes come in at six on the list of top office stationery. If so, don’t be. Writing letters isn’t a thing of the past and neither are the methods we use to send them. Envelopes are a pretty essential item for an office to have. You don’t only have to use them for mailing letters, either.

They can also come in handy for sending out cheques, event invitations, business cards, and even flyers. Envelopes allow you to deliver small items to the other person with minimal effort, so you don’t have to travel all the way to their location.

You can click here for PrintStop A4 envelopes, though also we have them in C5 size as well as #10 envelopes.

  1. White Papers

White Papers

Now, we enter the top five office stationery, and occupying the fifth position are white papers. Having some A4 papers around never hurt anyone. The papers serve as a nice backup and a quick way to convey your thoughts in writing. You can also draw diagrams and charts on them. Don’t just keep stray papers lying around, though, as they will probably get lost or thrown away on accident.

If you just keep everything in your head, it is difficult to come up with a viable solution. Scratch paper helps you get stuff out of your head and onto the paper, and you can come up with new ideas and brainstorm from there. Use papers. Let it out.

  1. Pencils


Into the second half of the office stationery countdown, we have pencils. Pencils aren’t a childish item to own, nor are they only important in the classroom. Pencils can actually prove very useful because they don’t need ink and last longer. When all else fails, you resort to pencils. They may not be able to write in outer space, but they can still prove to be pretty useful. Of course, since you have a pencil, a sharpener is also necessary.

  1. Notepads


Squeezing into the top three on our office stationery are notepads. Make sure you have a few notepads. Notepads are a place where you can quickly jot down notes like names and numbers if you are on the phone. They are placed at third for a reason.

Also, keep a notepad and pencil next to every telephone in your office. This way you don’t waste time searching for them. It helps to be prepared. If you don’t have any right now, you can buy PrintStop notepads.

  1. Notebooks


Finishing second out of the eight essential office stationery is the notebook. Notebooks are an essential part of the work environment. They are a great way to store many kinds of information. You can doodle, draw graphs, sketch maps, list points, or write a whole paragraph of content.

Plus, you can use them even when the power goes down. If you want a paper, you can just tear a sheet from your notebook. You can take a look at all of our notebooks here.

Still not convinced as to why you should get a notebook? Read our article that lists four compelling advantages of using business notebooks.

  1. Pens


So, that means that the item which is at the top of the list of most essential office stationery is… (drumroll please)… pens!

Yes, pens are number one on our countdown because their value is immeasurable. If you are a business person, you should carry a pen with you wherever you go. No excuses. Conferences, sales pitches, presentations, and meetings will all have moments where you need to write something down. If you don’t know where to start, read our post on selecting the perfect writing pen.

Don’t just settle for a single pen, either. Buy a pack of pens in both black and blue. Start writing things down. You are more likely to remember something that you wrote down over something you typed. You can take a look at the engraved pens from PrintStop, and alternatively view our plastic pens.

Outstanding Office Stationery from PrintStop

Those were the top eight types of essential office stationery. There are some additional stationery items such as stamps, glue, tape, pins, and paperclips that you can purchase depending on your field of business.  

You can browse all the categories of stationery that are available on our website. Be sure to check out all the promotional item categories as well.


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