How can a diary in your life

8 Ways a Diary Can Help You

From Anne Frank to Mahatma Gandhi, many eminent personalities are still remembered for their diary and journals. The diary has quietly crept into filmdom too with blockbuster flicks like ‘The Princess Diaries’ and ‘Basketball Diaries’ becoming a  big hit.

So, the diary has become famous, so what?- one may ask. Well, the point is if so many celebrities and great personalities have found writing a diary to be a productive task, there must be something valuable in it.

Writing things down is a surprisingly powerful way to enhance your professional and personal life. Let us see what diaries can do for us.

Why should you keep a diary?

Keeping a diary is highly recommended. Here are eight ways a diary can help you.

  1. Alter-Ego


Everybody needs a friend. Someone you can open your heart to and trust to keep your secrets. Well, that’s your diary for you!

Diaries are the most intimate companion one can have and the safest too. So it is best to open up to your diary every day and make writing a daily ritual. Let diaries become a part of your daily life.

  1. Gain Focus
    Gain Focus

Every individual faces some confusion in his daily life. Decision making becomes much easier when you keep a note. This is because when you write a diary, you automatically think and introspect. This helps to clear your thoughts and gain focus.

  1. Stress Relief

Stress Relief

A journal titled ‘Advances in Psychiatric Treatment’ states that writing a diary for 15-20 minutes for 3-5 times a week helped to alleviate the stress of even cancer patients greatly. Research at the University of Iowa revealed that journaling or writing a diary helped participants to deal better with stressful events. Writing itself is a  great way to relieve stress as it lets your thoughts flow freely from your brain to the paper.

  1. Catharsis


Diaries are best for catharsis. They help you to vent out you have locked up feelings and pent-up frustrations. They mitigate your anger, guilt, and feelings of hatred. Diaries make you a better person. Whatever anxieties you have, you can let them out on a diary. You can share your deepest darkest secrets or just an amusing thought that you had.

  1. Creativity


The ability to put pen to paper is an art. Diaries unleash the creativity and talent within you. When you start to write, you try to formulate your thoughts and present it well as you treat the diary as a “person”. You have to think and structure your thoughts and words. So diaries automatically tap the creativity in you. Creativity was also one of our four advantages of using a notebook.

  1. Planning


Diaries help you to plan the next step, next day or next stage in life. When you record the daily events of your day, your mind automatically tries to plan what happens next. Diaries are great planners and work well for organizing your day.

  1. Growth and Personality Development

    Growth and Personality Development

Diaries help in your growth and personality development. When you write a diary, your innermost feelings surface. You are then surprised to find repressed feelings of anger, hatred, jealousy, vengeance being expressed. You can curb such negative feelings and rid your mind of malice by writing diaries.

Similarly, a diary writer can analyze the way his subconscious mind works during writing. Feelings of doubt, inferiority complex and low self-esteem can be removed by writing diaries. So diaries are great for personality development.

  1. Posterity


Then, the eighth and final reason: posterity. Having a diary for posterity’s sake may not seem intriguing, but every person wants to be remembered even after they are gone. Recording your thoughts in diaries is a good way to preserve your posterity. Diaries are an extension of you and it will tell people more about you than they may ever know.

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