Automate your Reward and Recognition Process

Only 41% of the Indian workforce feels recognized at their workplaces!

This data might be alarming considering that most of the organisations have their appraisal and recognition system in place. So, what could companies do to motivate their employees beyond the regular appraisal process?

It has been observed the non-monetary recognition is quite powerful in motivating employees. There could be initiatives like the employee of the month, appreciation on completion of a project/assignment, best teams, etc. And, giving a certificate, trophy or any small personalized gifts like frames, mugs, pens, diaries or notepads could go a long way in motivating your employees. 

Sourcing these personalized gifts might seem difficult, however, not as much if you use PrintStop’s tech-based printing solution. The online solution gives you the flexibility to order anywhere and anytime. There is an option to personalize some products besides adding the company logo. It enables you to procure printed material without the hassle of coordinating with multiple print vendors for price, design finalization and delivery status.

Let’s look at the steps to get personalized gifts to appreciate your employees.

1. Select the products

Selecting the right product is essential. The portal offers a wide range of products. You should select the product as per your needs and employee preferences. Giving trophies or certificates to your employees of the month, your best team could get personalized t-shirts. 

2. Save your design

For most of the products, there are inbuilt design templates. You can also request a custom-made design from our in-house design division, Pehchaan and special designs will be made for your business. Besides, there’s also a section to upload your design. 

Once your design is finalized, you can save it to so that next time you are ordering it, you need not create a design.

3. Upload the variable data

Personalisation adds a special touch to your gift items and hence we give an option to personalize the products, besides adding the company logo. In such cases, there is an option to upload the excel sheet with all the variable data on the website so you won’t have to add the data manually.

4. Getting the personalize artworks ready

Once the excel is uploaded, the system generates separate artwork with all the variable data without any manual intervention.

5. Placing the order

Once the artworks are generated, you can place the order. Right from that stage until the delivery is done, the user gets notified about the delivery process at each and every stage.

The automated printed process helps organisations procure the best items for employees with a standardized and automated delivery process. You can check out the products on our online portal

All you need to do is appreciate the best performers in the company, we take care of the rest of the process. 

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