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Beat the Plastic Ban with Paper Bags

Brown paper bags have been evolving since the 1850s not because the people were concern about the environment then but simply because the art of making plastic bags was yet to be introduced and ever since it had been we have witnessed unnecessary damage to the environment. But what is all the sudden fuss about the use of plastic bags? The use of plastic bags hasn’t crossed over six decades yet it has caused way too much damage that cannot be handled by the environment.

Understanding the damages that plastic bags cause will spontaneously allow us to switch to brown paper bags and say ‘NO’ to plastic bags.

  •         Intestinal obstruction to the animal’s intestines
  •         Clogged drainage systems
  •         Damaging the fertility of the soil
  •         A release of toxins and hazardous chemicals

There has been extensive awareness created by various governmental and non-governmental institutions on the banning of plastic bags and it has been effective to a certain extent. The public is become more aware and refuses to use plastic as it is non-biodegradable and these are the conscious few who have volunteered and the ones who couldn’t care less about our environment have a price to pay for every bag they use from the store.

Since the public is more ‘woke’ about his situation they refuse to be a part of any organization that causes damage to the environment and in turn these companies are compelled to switch to the use of brown paper bags and come on! paper bags look way cooler than the flashy plastic bags. They are reusable to an extent. Although in terms of durability and re-use a brown paper bags value diminishes but it’s all about it being a feel-good factor where we know that we are taking baby steps in safeguarding the environment.

Lately, everybody has been falling in line where most products are eco-friendly and the public is environmentally conscious of only purchasing eco-friendly products. There are major campaigns organized by a various institution in creating awareness of the damages the use of plastic bag has done to the fertility of the soil, the livelihood of animals and the new diseases associated with the use of plastic bags. The government of India has made strict rules on banning the use and sale of low quality plastic.

Public places such as parks and zoos have banned the use of plastic in its premises. No plastic bag will be allowed. The items will be disposed of immediately without an excuse. These small rules by the government depict that they have taken banning of plastic seriously and they do not want to be a part of encouraging damage to our planet. The use of paper bags is on a rise in the recent decade. It serves the purpose, eco-friendly and cost-effective. It is quite difficult to find a product that could you give you all three aspects. If the product is eco-friendly it would turn out to be expensive and vice versa.

For those of you still using plastic bags out there make the switch to paper bags immediately and join the rest of us in the fight to sustain our planet. Let’s not forget it that there is a constant progression in the manufacturing of brown paper bags in terms of durability and recycling measures only to make the world a lot safer for the future generations to come.

Make a vow today to refuse plastic bags at store counters and demand for a paper bag as the world needs fighters and not spectators. Do away with the use of plastic in all forms and switch to paper. It doesn’t make sense to tarnish the environment for temporary convenience. To all corporate companies and businesses show your support by choosing eco-friendly printed bags.

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