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Brand Identity: Importance of Having a Great Logo

The logo of a company is an emblem or visual mark that they choose to represent themselves. It is such a small thing but it has the ability to make a huge impact on your business.

Logos act as a branding for your company and could ultimately be the deciding factor in whether you make or break the deal. Now, let’s see what logo design is really all about. A company can use the color schemes of logos to help develop an emotional tie to a product or brand. 

Logotype vs. Logomark

Before we get into designing a logo, you have to know about the different ones that exist. Logos are broadly divided into two categories: Logotype and Logomark.

The logotype is the name of the company written in a stylized way. A good example for this is Coca-Cola. Their logo is just the name written in cursive font. Google is another one. As is Facebook with its trademark ‘f’. The name of the company itself has been shown in a creative manner.

A logomark is a graphic, symbol, or other identifying mark without any words. Some famous ones include the Nike tick mark or the four squares of Microsoft. These logos represent their companies, but don’t have words in them to tell you the name of the company.

When both the logotype and logomark are shown together, it is a combination mark. This is used commonly in sports teams and leagues, where the name of the franchise is present within or beside the logo. For example, the logo for the IPL shows a batsman swinging his cricket bat with the words ‘Indian Premier League’ to the right of it.


What does your logo mean? This is a tough question to answer in a concise manner.

Logos are a way to set yourself apart from other brands. A target symbol, for example, shows that you are aiming to achieve your goals. Never copy another company’s logo design while brainstorming your own. You want yours to be as original as possible.

Ultimately, the meaning of your logo is in the eye of the beholder. The Nike Swoosh can represent motion, speed, or an increase. A tick mark also indicates that something is correct or okay. One example of this was when Reebok changed their logo to a red delta sign. Their intention was to showcase movement, but the actual one came off as static – the opposite of what they wanted.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t define the meaning. That’s why the question you should ask instead is “What do I want my logo to mean?”

It is best if you put up a statement on your website that states clearly what you intend it to mean. This helps clear up the confusion.

Text Messaging

The logo itself sends a message out to the other people. You shouldn’t just use any font. Even things like bold, italics, and underline matter. However, the most important thing is the typeface, commonly known as ‘font’. There are three types of font styles:

  • Serif – Indicates comfort and tradition. (Ex. Times New Roman)
  • Sans Serif – Viewed as clean and modern. (Ex. Helvetica)
  • Calligraphic – Showcases elegance and fanciness. (Ex. Monotype Corsiva)

There are other fonts such as Comic Sans and Wingdings which you are better off not using. Remember, the logo and font are a representation of your company. Therefore, avoid using a random or obscure font unless you have a clear reason for doing so.

Remember, you want people to be able to actually read your company’s name. Don’t make the reader squint or struggle. They should be able to get it at a glance. If the name is illegible, nothing else matters.

Get Great Logo Design from PrintStop

As you can see, the logo is rather important to a company. We have also talked about why branding is important in our article about business cards and their impact on brand quality. Logo designing comes prior to that as it is essentially the first step towards establishing your brand.

This whole thing is a bit like attitude versus personality. Personality is how you would describe yourself whereas attitude is how others perceive you. However, a change in your personality will result in a change in attitude. Similarly, you want to put your best foot forward with a bold and vibrant logo that leaves an impact in the mind of the viewers. PrintStop can help you achieve this feat. Take a look at our logo design services and contact us if you need to know more.


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Stick around for part two where we explain how to select and design your logo.

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