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Branding vs. Marketing vs. Advertising

Branding, Marketing, Advertising- all 3 are channels to convince and convert the customer. They are also used to persuade stakeholders to invest in the business or build a good reputation or image for the brand. However, there is a subtle difference between all the 3 terms which has to be understood to harness their potential fully. Entrepreneurs can use advertising, promotional or marketing materials effectively only if they know the meaning and significance of these words.


Branding is defined as “the values and attributes that define a product, service or company”. Simply put, it represents the perception of the company or product by others. To convey this perception, brand logos and messages are used.

Creating a unique logo is important to evolve an identity for the company or product. This logo must also be synonymous to the brand message or philosophy. The visual elements of the brand like its lettering or typeface, its visual images and colours have a huge impact on the customer’s mind. This is why it should be designed with the help of a professional graphic design agency.

All advertising, promotional and marketing materials are branded with the company logo and message to create brand awareness, recall and loyalty in the consumer’s mind.


Marketing is defined as “the process of developing, promoting, distributing and selling a product or service to a specific audience”.

Marketing begins right from identifying the need of the market, creating a product to satisfy that need, evolving an identity for the product, promoting it and finally convincing the customer to purchase it. Involving the 4 Ps- Product, Price, Promotion and Place, Marketing is the process which results in the sale or purchase of the product or service.

Marketing efforts encompass both advertising and branding as some of the methods. Other ways to market include sales promotion, publicity, customer engagement and service, public relations, personal rapport, social media interactions etc. Marketing materials have to be designed rightly keeping both the brand identity and the end consumer in mind to achieve the best result in marketing.


Advertising is the process of “building awareness, identity and reach for the product or service in a specific audience”.

Advertising is just one channel of marketing used to address a mass audience. Advertising is done via print, outdoor signages and billboards, transit advertising through vehicles, radio, TV and social media.

The brand message and logo carried on the ads and marketing materials must be the same to create a uniform and unique brand perception in the consumer’s mind.

Differences between Branding, marketing and advertising

  • Advertising is all about creating awareness and reaching new customers.
  • Marketing is about promoting the product or brand to effect a sale.
  • Branding is about creating brand loyalty and customer retention.

To achieve all this, the use of marketing materials is a must.

Importance of using marketing materials in branding

Marketing materials are used in branding to promote the brand identity and create a demand for the brand. Attractively designed flyers, brochures, leaflets etc help to penetrate the market and create brand awareness and recall.

Importance of using marketing materials in Marketing

Marketing cannot do without marketing materials. With the help of content-rich and visually-appealing marketing materials, products are launched, promoted and effectively sold. To enable this, campaigns are evolved based on clever strategies based on data from analytics or market-research. Be it a product launch, a discount offer or a stock clearance, companies use flyers, leaflets, brochures and pamphlets to propagate the message and push sales. Marketing materials like branded coasters, mouse pads and pens are used as promotional giveaways at shows or events.

 Importance of using marketing materials in advertising

Banners, posters, danglers, wobblers etc are some of the marketing materials used in advertising. Used at the point-of-sale to attract the attention of the audience, these eye-catching marketing materials help in generating leads or converting them.

Marketing materials help to achieve branding, marketing and advertising when used rightly. Choose the right marketing materials for each purpose and get it designed perfectly from a professional specialist.


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