Business Cards Impact on Brand Quality

Business Cards and Their Impact on Brand Quality – 5 Ps

Business cards are a reflection of your company and your brand. When you meet a prospect in person, chances are that you will hand them your business card. It is important to leave a good first impression on people.

Here are five points to keep in mind for how business cards can impact brand quality.


First of all, make an effort to talk to the person for a while before you give them your card. This helps to build a relationship and increases brand empathy. Spray and pray marketing, where you simply hand out business cards, may seem easier, but it will not help create many customers, as simply giving a person your card does not guarantee a deal.

Having a meaningful conversation will also decrease the probability of them rejecting your card. At the same time that it takes for you to haphazardly hand out 20 business cards, you could be holding an actual conversation with 3 or 4 prospects. You should always choose quality over quantity. Be sure to follow proper business card etiquette.

Some folks may refrain from accepting your business card or give one in return no matter how hard you try. If this is the case, move on rather than pestering them.


One saying that you have heard is ‘the first impression is the best impression’. Although it may seem cliched, it is very true. The first impression sets the tone for how people will perceive you and your company. Business cards have been and continue to be a way to measure your company’s products and services.

Often times, a poor business card will diminish your brand quality value even if you have top-class products. Pay attention to your business card’s design. You will never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Act accordingly.


When you go for an interview, do you wear untidy clothes and have uncombed hair? Of course not. No matter how well you speak or answer the questions, your sloppy appearance would result in you not getting the job.

We as humans have a tendency to judge people before we get to know them. That is inherent within us, and the reason why most of us focus on external appearances rather than our personality. You want to put your best foot forward and go in a presentable manner, and the same applies to business cards.

Therefore, the presentation is everything. The other person may not have a chance to visit your store or office and look at how everything is run to observe the inner workings. Right now, all they’ve got is you and your business card, so make it count.


Seven seconds. That is the amount of time you have to make a good first impression. In mere moments, a person will decide whether or not you are worth their time.

Look at the situation from their point of view. Who would you approve of, a person who hastily jots down some notes, or one who neatly takes out their business card and presents it to you?

One key to making someone remember you is to be prepared, both mentally and physically. If you want to come off as a thorough professional, always keep some business cards handy. You don’t want to be scrambling to find a pen and paper to write your contact details on. This will tell the person that you are unprepared, or even worse, not serious about your work.

Having a business card shows that you are prepared, which will go a long way. Don’t be seen as cheap and lazy. You never want to rue an opportunity because you didn’t have a nice business card available, so make sure you take the time to carry plenty of business cards.  


Your business card is the first item that people will see about your company. However, while a business card will help you go after prospects, it cannot convert them into loyal customers by itself. That is the job of your website.

If you have a good business card, people will visit your website to find out more about your company. That’s why you shouldn’t fit too much information on the card.

The card shouldn’t immediately bombard the person with a lot of stuff. Rather, it should entice people to learn more about your company, preferably through visiting your website. Craft your business card in such a way that it persuades people to seek more information.

Business cards are an invitation to connect in the future. A truly great business card will get the other person talking and could lead to your business increasing through positive word of mouth.

PrintStop Business Cards

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the impact a business card has on brand quality. The card, and the way that you present it could make or break your sales value.  

Just like a good business card will increase your brand quality, a bad card will decrease it. Business cards are one of the most effective direct marketing tools, so don’t downplay their significance.

Here at PrintStop, we make business cards that stand out. You can show off your brand and increase its quality. You can browse our wide collection of designs and select the one that is right for you or, you can upload your own. Either way, you are sure to end up with a business card that is perfect for you and your company.

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