Business Letter - 5 Great Tips for Letter Writing

Business Letters – 5 Great Tips for Letter Writing

A printed letter or even a document has some real weight behind it as opposed to an email. A letter shows that you are serious about the work, and work great for making a nice first impression. They are essential for a business and this is why we sell letter-related products under our business essentials category.

As a company, you use email, type out a letter, and other times when a short SMS or WhatsApp message will do fine. However, no matter what medium of communication you opt for, it is always important to put your best foot forward.

We know that a blank sheet of paper can look extremely daunting for any person. That is why our experts have devised some methods to simplify the process and remove the stress of letter-writing. Here are five great tips for writing a business letter.  

Design a Powerful Letterhead

Let’s go from top to bottom. That means we start with the letterhead.  

A letterhead has a huge impact on the way the reader(s) perceive your message. You want to design a good letterhead that represents and showcases your company. When you print letterheads for your company, make sure you use company colours and have dark text on a light background or vice-versa.

However, the emphasis should still be on your message, so avoid making your letterhead too distracting. The words that you have should be complemented by a colourful, vibrant, and dynamic letterhead.

As a company, a letterhead is a must. Remember that this isn’t just some friendly letter for your pal. It is an actual business letter. A letterhead helps get your branding across and lends credibility to your work. People that don’t know you must first be convinced to do business with you.

The collection of lovely letterhead designs from PrintStop can enhance your brand and establish a firm hold on the reader.

Type it Out

In this day and age, people rarely write a letter by hand. If you already type out your letters, good job. If you still write them, we suggest you switch to print.

If you are typing the whole thing out, there is no need to worry about making mistakes. You can write- err, right any wrong in a matter of seconds. So, that anxiety of slipping up during a big moment will be gone.

We are not against writing by hand at all, as you can see from our blog on 4 Advantages of Business Notebooks. However, those notebooks are for internal purposes only.

Although writing lets you express your creativity, the goal of a letter is to get your message across. Typing is much neater, cleaner, and removes the chances of being misread. You will also find that typing it out helps you get the work done much quicker.

Plus, with the many tools available online, you can check to make sure your letter is free of grammatical errors and uses the proper spelling and punctuation, something difficult to do in a handwritten letter.

Therefore no matter how neat you insist your handwriting may be, just get a computer and type it up. It is more professional and will increase the chances of your company making the deal.

Get the Basics Right

It is crucial to get the basics correct when writing a business letter. Your name goes at the top, followed by your title, and the company’s name, all in separate lines. Then come your address and the date.

Next, write the subject in all-caps and centre it. Be sure not to make your subject too long. The intent is to provide the reader with a reason for the letter and to show what it is about.  

Write to a specific person, and use “Dear Mr. or Ms. (Name)” as this is the safest bet.

After that, introduce yourself and talk a little bit about your own business before getting to the main topic. Be sure to use words like ‘you’ and ‘us’ as opposed to ‘I’ as this gives more attention to the reader, whoever it may be.

In the conclusion, provide a call for future action. For example, “if you are interested in working with us, give us a call so we can meet in person”. The worst thing you can do is get the person interested and then leave them dangling.

Close with “yours sincerely, (Your name)”. This is the most common closure for a formal business letter.

Be sure to finish the letter off with a signature and your company seal at the bottom. You can get custom pre-inked stamps at PrintStop for your company. This also makes the letter official.

Quickly Jot Something Down 

Whether you are writing an offer letter to a prospective employee, a proposal for a client, an apology letter to an employee, a letter for your customers about a new offer, or a letter of thanks for another company’s service, you may not know how to start.

This doesn’t just apply to letters either. Whether it’s a story, a report, an essay, or any other document, people often struggle with the beginning. The first step is the hardest to take.   

For this, we say you should jot something down. It doesn’t matter what. You can dive right into the body portion if you want.

Sometimes, you might have a good idea of everything else to write down, but you don’t know how to start. Thus, you waste a lot of time thinking about how to begin. When you finally figure it out, the rest has been forgotten. This is a waste of time, energy, and money too.  

Think about the introduction later. Once you get something down, you have some ideas going. Even if it’s just a simple structure, you have done the minimum work that you can proceed to build on. You can always go back and change it later, and no one will be able to see your edits. It is the final letter that counts, so it doesn’t matter how you get there.

The best way to cross that first hurdle is to sidestep it and deal with it later.

Seal it in a Nice Envelope

Don’t just mail or courier the letter as it is. You shouldn’t just drop it as a piece of paper into someone’s mailbox. For one, this is unprofessional. Two, an envelope gives the added benefit of protecting the letter.

Envelopes are an integral part of a business and we actually ranked them at number 6 in our countdown of the Top 8 Essential Office Stationery.

Business Letter Essentials from PrintStop

Those were the five great tips that you should keep in mind while writing a business letter. We hope this article will help improve the quality of the next letter you write. Do take a look at all our business essentials  , and let us know how we can help you create the best brand.


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