Contactless Gifting for Employees and Customers Made Easy

This year has been a different one in a lot of ways. Most of us have been working from home. The usual workplace bonding now happens over video calls. Interaction with customers is also limited. While so many things have changed, we can continue some traditions like giving gifts.

Diwali is coming up and you can share gifts with your employees and customers. It can’t replace the warmth of a personal meeting, but it can show that you still care. A simple gift can communicate your appreciation.

However, if you have 100s of customers and employees, how can you give them gifts safely without making any physical contact?

You might connect with multiple vendors, select the gift items as per your budget and take care of packaging, shipping and delivery. This process would easily take several days.  Instead, you can do it like a major multinational corporation, with over 16000 employees, who managed all of this with utmost ease, without wasting any productive hours by the team. They created an online store with carefully selected products.

They partnered with PrintStop to execute a massive gifting program. The entire sales team and department heads had access to the portal. They could choose a gift, get approval using the inbuilt approval process, and deliver it directly to the recipient. No extra effort was made by their teams.

How did they make it work?

  1. PrintStop created an online store with all the products selected by the company.
  2. The sales team can select the gift for their customers and add multiple shipping addresses of the customers they want to give the gift to.
  3. On receiving the order, everything, right from customizing, packing and delivery is done by PrintStop.

The company, without leaving their safe premises, could distribute gifts to its customers in a safe and secure way! They have been doing this for two years, and you can do it too. To know more about our contactless gifting solution, visit .

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