Convert Your Business Card into a Brochure

“The first impression is the best impression” and this is the motto of designing a business card. A business card must express itself so eloquently that it impresses the receiver. For this, the business card must be attractive in design, abundant in content and awesome in printing quality.

Business cards into brochures

More than this, business cards are having a “makeover” right now. Yes, business cards have now assumed the form of a company brochure. Yes! available in double and triple fold designs,  folded business cards are now pocket-sized company brochures! How? Let us take a look.

Why convert a business card into a brochure?

A traditional business card of size 3.5″x 2″ can be transformed into folded visiting cards because

  1.  A business card is the best method of introduction to a potential customer. Why waste this opportunity by using just a business card? If the card is designed as a mini-company brochure, you have lots to gain as it serves a dual purpose for starting a conversation and creating brand awareness.
  2.  Folded business cards have more surface area with 4 or 6 sides instead of 2. They can convey more information about your company and its products
  3.  Folded visiting cards are compact and easily carried in one’s wallet or pocket.
  4. The cost of printing folded cards works out cheaper than printing both business cards and company brochures.
  5. Serving a dual purpose, folded business cards are the right means of business communication.

Tips to design a business card as a company brochure.

1. Frame the front face as a business card

Design the front face of your folded business card like a normal visiting card. It should bear the company logo, address and the executive’s name and designation. Print the details clearly and boldly to make it easy to read. This face of the card is the one that is going to impress the client. So design it arrestingly and attractively. Ensure that all basic details are mentioned there on the front so as to ensure easy reference even while being placed in Card holders.

2. Company profile

You now have more sides to the card. Outline a short company profile on one side with an attractive photo of your office. Mention only the most important facts within 3-4 lines.

3. Product range

Use another side to depict your product range with their short descriptions and photographs beside them. Make this product display page very attractive. If there is no room for content, let the images do the talking. Use high-quality images of fine resolution to portray the products.

4. Company network

Give a listing of your regional offices, branch locations or your dealer outlets with a Google Maps to identify the sites. Mention their complete contact information with contact numbers and email ids. If your company has a wide network, detail only the vital few office locations.

5. Captivating graphics

Design your folded card cum company brochure with alluring images and artistic graphics. Graphics are the attention-grabbers for your folded cards which decide whether the client wants to keep it or waste it.

6. Catchy content

Remember, your visiting card is no longer just a card. It is now a company brochure. Let its content be crisp and catchy. Use bullet points and short sentences to give company and product information.

A word of caution- do not flood your card with content just because you have extra space. A cluttered card is always cast off. Make sure you leave white space to allow the design elements to speak for you.

7. Coupon

Make the most of your folded card by converting one side into a coupon. By this, your folded card is going to be definitely preserved as it gains more value.

Business cards into brochures

Folded business cards are the trend right now as they deliver dual benefits as both visiting cards and company brochures. Get one designed right away with a seasoned print specialist and find fruitful results.

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