Creating a Picture Wall Gallery at Home and Office

Creating a Picture Wall Gallery at Home and Office

Nobody likes a dull and drab décor. Enliven your walls with attractive pictures and photographs to create a picture wall gallery at home and office. Buy personalised photo frames online and create a collage on a picture wall. Let your picture wall gallery at home reflects those feisty family moments while at the office, it boasts of your corporate success.

Pictures Wall Gallery

Tips to create a picture wall gallery at home and office

1. Which is the wall?

First, select the widest wall and one that has prominent visibility. If this wall faces the entrance, better. Get the wall surface evened out to remove bumps and cracks. Paint it or texture it in a colour contrasting the picture frames.

2. What is the theme?

Be it a wall at home or office, it should have a theme. For instance, at home, the wall can display only family photos. Or the theme can be of the sceneries they clicked. At the office, the wall can adorn the pictures of achievers or of meeting sessions.

3. Where to hang the pictures?

On the wall, hang the pictures about 5 feet or 60″ off the ground. Ensure that your gallery exhibit is at eye level. This will add an element of focus to the gallery.

Similarly, keep the wall gallery at least 12″ or 30cms. above the furniture so as not to obscure them from view.

4. What kind of frames to use?

When you order personalised photo frames online, make sure there is a unity in them. If you are going to use wooden frames, use wood throughout. If the frames are going to be in metal, let all the frames be metallic or chrome-plated. Using different types of frames together creates disharmony in the overall outlook.

5. What colour do I choose?

Here again, harmony matters for colour. The frames should be of a colour that is in contrast to the wall colour. Secondly, if you are using a specific shade of colour for the frame, maintain it throughout. For instance, if ebony is the frame colour, use ebony throughout and do not intersperse it with mahogany or walnut shades. Similarly, if you use frames of golden finish, do not mix them with silver ones.

6. What is the size of the pictures?

Start with the largest picture and place it as the central focus. Place other pictures 3 cms. apart from each other for symmetry.

Before nailing the pictures to the wall, take some newspaper and cut it into the exact frames sizes. tape these to the wall in various patterns and choose the best. Now mark its positions and then hang the pictures. This ensures that the pictures are all well-aligned.

Hang the pictures in a grid, ascending pattern or descending pattern. Create a visual flow in the way you hang the pictures.

7. Which is the right room to hang pictures?

A picture wall gallery can be created at home in the foyer, the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen or even on a staircase. At the office, the gallery is best displayed in the reception, conference room or at the chief executive’s office.

If the picture gallery is to be featured on a staircase wall or its landing, please makes sure the centrepiece is at 59″ or 150 cms. height. Allow  25cms. or 10″ from each stair to avoid damage while cleaning.

Picture Wall Gallery

Tips to hang the pictures in a wall gallery.

  • Use a ruler and pencil and mark the levels of the photo frames before drilling holes and hanging them.
  • Use adhesive hooks or D rings to hang pictures.
  • For a picture gallery in the foyer, use boxes instead of frames. These boxes can hold small pictures and these can be replaced by curios or potted plants later.

 A picture wall gallery can be best created by ordering photo frames online from a reputed specialist to give a picturesque effect.

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