Cut out stickers

Cut-out Stickers: Peel, Stick and Flaunt them!

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun – Randy Pausch

Don’t we all have fond childhood memories of covering our cupboards, bedroom doors and walls with cool and fun stickers, much to the annoyance of our parents [;)] Pasting kiss-cut stickers, posters, newspaper or magazine cut-outs of beloved cartoon-comic characters, movie-stars, inventors etc is undoubtedly an integral part of growing up. Even adults today do not seem averse to the idea of beating everyday routine blues with buoyant and chipper custom stickers. Why would they? Fun and lively stickers are easily more than capable of turning that frown upside down in a jiffy.

Quick & Easy!

I distinctly remember when I was a kid we couldn’t get stickers printed online, let alone have them feature custom designs! Me and my cousins used to wait with bated breath for our neighbors to toss out monthly film magazines or ended up buying costly comic books only to mutilate them. Times have finally changed! Getting custom stickers printed is literally a few clicks away. What’s more, they are hand delivered right to your doorsteps. All you have to do is, upload an image or collage of pictures of all your favorite things in the world and get them printed on high gloss adhesive vinyl stocks to be pasted anywhere you want!

As a die-hard Dexters Laboratory cartoon fan, my first tryst with the world of stickers was seeing Dexter’s door carpeted with a motley of stickers cautioning his annoying sister (Dee-Dee) from entering his secret laboratory on the other side. Growing up, I never had my own personal bedroom but I was fascinated with the idea of having my own personal space and filling it with things I loved the most. I distinctly remember covering my books cupboard and dresser with stickers and magazine cut-outs of all my favorite cartoons, movie-stars, sportsmen and comic strips.

Unlimited Applications

There are practically unlimited applications of custom stickers! Custom labels can be employed to adorn bed-rooms, dorm-rooms, classrooms, doors, cupboards, lockers, laptop, mobile panels, note-books, science projects, invites, greeting cards, scrapbooks, albums, photo-frames, bulletin-boards, refrigerators, water-bottles, cookie-jars, cars, vans, trucks and practically any of your personal belongings phew! Zippy, sprightly and heart-warming, custom stickers are sure to not only infuse much-needed life into your otherwise stern looking belongings but also delight all your senses.

Zippy, sprightly and heart-warming, custom stickers are sure to not only infuse much-needed life into your otherwise stern looking belongings but also delight all your senses.

Few of their commercial or business applications include product or office stationery labels, custom packaging, campaigns or promotional event labels etc. For example, custom labels can be used to seal official envelopes when sending out special business correspondence.

You can achieve wider brand visibility and reach by pasting adhesive vinyl company logo stickers on delivery vehicles like vans or bikes. Additionally, products can be better packaged with lovely custom labels for that extra personal touch. Just as flavor enhancers intensify a dish’s flavor, custom business stickers intensify brand publicity and recall value.

Vinyl adhesive labels that we print, can practically be pasted on most decent surfaces. Also, you need not worry about them wearing out soon, as high UV gloss coating can withstand prolonged exposure to sun, rain, weather, and scratches. What are you waiting for??? Wear your most creative hat and get busy uploading images of stuff you are crazy about. Go all out on a sticker pasting spree!


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