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Danglers Decoded: The Demystification of Advertising Danglers

You may or may not have heard about danglers or seen a dangler. However, they can be an effective tool to market your company.

Danglers are often underutilised just like tent cards, which we have written about earlier on the PrintStop blog.

Now, we wish to remove all the suspense and confusion that clouds this marketing tool. We have offered some of our own design suggestions as well. Let’s talk about the demystification of danglers.

What are Advertising Danglers?


The meaning of ‘dangler’ originates from the word itself. It is an object that dangles or hangs off the end of another object. In a business sense, promotional danglers are the point of sales materials and signs hanging from the ceilings and shelves of stores.

Purpose of Danglers

Danglers are a promotional and marketing item used for advertising sales, discounts, and offers regarding products. For example, you may find danglers saying ‘20% off’ or ‘Rs. 50 discount’.

Danglers are a form of inducement. Perhaps you have heard of the idiom ‘dangling a carrot’, which is what you are doing in this case. By keeping the person dangling, you hope they will take action and buy your item.

Where Are Danglers Used?

Danglers are used a lot in the retail industry but they can be effective in other places as well. You can also use danglers at a boutique or a pet shop. Medium and large places that customers visit to buy items will get the most benefit from danglers. Even so, danglers can be used as a guide in large corporate offices, such as telling them where the restrooms or conference room is. You have probably seen promotional danglers at the mall being used in this way.

Advantages of Danglers


Despite the fact that danglers seem like a clever marketing ploy, they actually help both parties involved. Customers get news on offers and discounts at a glance, and businesses get to sell more products.

Let us dive deep into the advantages of danglers.  

  • Captivate

Danglers work great as alerts. Danglers attract people who aren’t sure where to go to your store. They might be scanning the store wondering where to go and see a big dangler advertising The dangler will immediately draw them in. A dangler generates excitement about your company and your product. They will catch the eye of unsure customers and sway those sitting on the fence to buy your product.

  • Maximize Space

Another advantage that danglers hold is that they really maximize the space that you have in your store. You can hang advertising danglers at spaces that were previously unused. Therefore, you aren’t sacrificing anything. You obviously won’t store items high up that they are impossible to reach. However, this place is perfect for danglers. This makes danglers great because they are visible to everyone in the area.

  • Economical

Danglers are a way to get a big benefit at a low cost. Unlike reordering visiting cards, which must be done constantly, danglers are not a frequent purchase. There is no need to rent space like you would for a billboard, or even spend time handing them out like a flyer. You only need to buy them once and they will last the whole event, plus you can reuse them as well.

Dangler Design Tips

Danglers are not difficult to design, but there are some things that you should keep in mind.

First, make sure the text is big, be it ‘30% off’ or ‘Buy One, Get One’. The text should be the largest part of the advertising dangler to make it easily readable.

The dangler should be appealing as well, so spice it up and make it colourful. Plain black text on a white background looks dull and boring.

Dark-coloured text on a light-coloured background works best. Do not use clashing colours which will be difficult to read. You want the dangler to pop and catch the vision of others. Also, add at least a miniature version of your logo to get the branding across.

Dazzling Danglers from PrintStop

That’s it for ‘Danglers Decoded’. We hope that this article destroyed your doubts regarding danglers.

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