How to take care of your diaries

Diary Maintenance – How to Take Care of Diaries

You may have read our earlier article on eight ways a diary can help you. In that blog post, we talk about the reasons why you should keep a diary and write in it regularly.  If you don’t have one for the new year, buy 2018 diaries from PrintStop.

Bear in mind that writing in a diary is one thing, but maintaining it is another. Improper maintenance can lead to the diary getting worn out or trashed before its actual lifetime. Let us examine diary maintenance and how to take care of a diary.

I – Select a Good Diary

Good Diary

The first step is to select a good diary. A high-quality diary will naturally have a longer lifespan than a low-quality one.  What are some factors to consider when choosing your diary? We’ll tell you.

1) Diary’s Purpose
Diary’s Purpose

Diaries come in different types to suit your different purposes. Here are some popular examples.

i. Academic – This type of dairy is ideal for college students. It is separated into 5 or 6 divisions for different subjects with a colourful overlapping cover for each section. It may have mathematical or scientific formulae, measurements and other statistical data in its preface for quick reference. Even English quotes can be found as footers for each page.

ii. School or Almanac – Best for school students, it details what was taken during each class hour and allows separate jotting down for assignments. They aren’t good for actual class lectures as obviously a notebook would be better suited for that. Still, these diaries are complete with a timetable and are the best companion for any pupil.

iii. Work – Then there are the business diaries for working professionals. A work organizer, this type of diary has a calendar and hourly schedule sheet which is ideal for panning the daily tasks of any professional. These diaries are also available in electronic form and can record work contacts and other corporate details.

iv. Food – Food diaries are a foodie’s dream come true. Complete with colourful pictures of appetizing foods, this helps to keep track of your daily diet and food habits. You can also share information about what food you ate along with calories and cost.

v. Health – You can use a health diary as your health advisor and record your BP, blood sugar and food and water intake to keep you updated on your health status. You could also use it for fitness,  recording your exercise routine or the distance you ran. People also record their weight for comparative purposes.

vi.Event – These are ideal to plan a wedding, birthday, holiday, or other events. Event diaries help you to plan for the big day by having a facility to insert visiting cards, samples, photos etc. They are used only for special occasions and thus will not be filled in as regularly as the other one.

Diaries can be used to write down facts, emotions, experiences, and a host of other stuff. There are many more types, but those are the six big ones.  You should decide the purpose of your own diary. Now, it’s time for the physical aspects.

2) Diary’s Cover

Diary’s Cover

Diaries come in all shapes, sizes,  colours, and cover textures, Some of them are:

  • Leather-bound diaries
  • Hard cardboard cover
  • Canvas cover
  • Glossy / Matt cover
  • Sand-Paper cover

You should choose the one that is right for you. Soft covers are lighter but require more care as they are not as thick as a hardback.

3) Diary’s Paper

Diary’s Paper

The paper of your diary can be virgin or recycled and, made from wood pulp or cotton. The paper can also be eco-friendly wood-free, tree-free paper or acid-free paper. Nowadays paper is made from even elephant dung. Again, there are thick and thin papers, so analyze the texture before deciding.

4) Diary’s Style

 Diary’s Style

You should select a diary that has gold-tipped pages, embossed cover or colourful textures. This is much more appealing than a bland and dull one. Let the cover be bold, creative or stimulating to make you want to pick it up and write in it.

Be sure to keep these four points in mind when you select your diary.  

II – Select a Good Pen for Your Diary

Good Pen

We know what you’re probably wondering. “Does the pen I choose also affect the diary?” The answer is yes, it does. The pen that you use definitely has a role to play in how long the dairy lasts. Poor quality pens can rip or damage the pages. If the ink bleeds through,  that will render some pages unreadable or unusable.

Therefore we have to say that the pen you use is important. Be sure to use a special pen that runs smoothly, does not leak and has a good ink flow and sturdy grip. Ink pens are the classic choice but ball and gel will do fine as well, provided they are of the proper quality. If you need more help, read our post on selecting the perfect writing pen.

III – Diary Storage and Scheduling

Storage and Scheduling

Then comes the last point which people often neglect. You need a set place to store your diary, be it on a shelf, inside a drawer, on your desk, etc. It has to be someplace where you can remember easily but not somewhere that you usually access. Do not just leave it lying around as it could get lost or damaged.

Keep your diary in a special place, away from dust, cobwebs, ants, silverfish, and other such pesky problems. Storing it inside is a  better option as the diary is shielded from the elements. You also don’t want it to be easily accessible to everybody.

Also be sure to set aside a time when you want to write in your diary. One entry per day is ideal, but this is not possible for everybody although a diary entry usually shouldn’t take longer than fifteen minutes. You can make your own diary based on how it suits you.

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