Eclectic Marketing Product – 5 Tools for Promoting Your Business

Everyone knows about the typical marketing product such as booklets, flyers, brochures, posters, and banners. Who can forget about how impactful business cards are on brand quality?  

However, there are also some underrated and underutilized tools that you may neglect when trying to market your business. Don’t fret though as you can now think outside the box. We have a whole bunch of marketing products that you can check out. Of them, we’re taking a look at five eclectic marketing products for your business.  

Marketing Product 1 – Danglers


A dangler is a sign that hangs from the ceiling and is usually used as a means to advertise a product or service. The dangler could hang off a shelf as well and is popular in retail stores, usually offering discounts and deals.

Danglers could also be used as overhead indications that guide people and show where a certain place is, like the danglers at the mall. For more about danglers, you can read our article on the demystification of danglers. Get advertising danglers on our website and start using them right away.

Marketing Product 2 – Fridge Magnets
Fridge Magnets

Refrigerator magnets, often shortened to ‘fridge magnets’, are ornaments that are attached to a miniature magnet.

Fridge magnets have the ability to stick to refrigerators and can be used to attach things to your fridges such as lists, photos or artwork. Alternatively, the fridge magnet itself can be used for decorative purposes.  

It is another tool to help get your branding across. These custom fridge magnets also function as a nice gift that you can give to people and are popular as souvenirs and collectibles.

Marketing Product 3 – Round Badges

Round Badges

Round badge is a circular badge. It can be made out of either plastic or metal. A badge is easy to wear and catches people’s attention. Round badge with your logo You can wear them to meetups, trade shows, and presentations.
Round button badges are quite useful for marketing a brand or a company. These badges are in high demand because of their user-friendly nature, inexpensive quality and high durability.

Round badge will help identify you and your company. When combined with a  nametag, they invite people to approach you. They also add some colour to your look. The round badges on our site might meet your requirements. Wear them with honor.

Marketing Product 4 – Mouse Pad
Mouse Pads

A mouse pad is a product upon which you can place and move your mouse. They are made of rubber and lined with fabric on the top.  

The mouse pad is another product that is almost essential but can also double as a marketing tool. It helps give a better grip and more control of your mouse. A pad helps extend the longevity of a mouse.

Your hand will also feel more comfortable as opposed to a hard table. They can be plain in your company colours or have cool designs such as your logo on them. Take a look at the customized mouse pads we offer.

Marketing Product 5 – Wobblers

A shelf wobbler is a promotional item and a great marketing product.  Wobblers are great for advertising discounts and function as a small and effective tool to catch the eyes of customers.

A wobbler is a cheap but creative way to turn someone’s attention to an item as they walk down the aisles of your place. You will be happy to know that the promotional wobblers are available on our site.

Those were five slightly unconventional marketing products that you can use to promote your business.

Madcap Marketing Products from PrintStop

As stated above, PrintStop has a wide range of marketing products for you to select from. Create some business buzz with customizable products that have trendy designs and vibrant colors.  

You can choose from a variety of designs that we have available. If that isn’t enough for you, upload your own design. Another option is to submit a design document and our team will make it for you.

We aren’t just limited to those five either. We also have tea coasters,  gift vouchers, and more. Check out all of our marketing products right away. Contact us right now for more marketing-related information.


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