Photo Frames to Store Your Memories

Fantastic Photo Frames to Store Your Memories

Photographs make memories eternal. They capture the magic of the moment and help us to cherish it for years to come.

A photo frame is edging for a picture made out of some hard material. The magnificence of a photograph is manifested only when it is encased in a photo frame. Photo frames render a majestic look to any ordinary photograph. Photos look their best when they are showcased in photo frames.

You can get customized photo frames at PrintStop and start preserving your pictures right away. If you’re not convinced, here is some more information about photo frames.

Why Use Photo Frames?
Photo Frames

  • Photo frames help to preserve the photo from damage like tearing, staining and from insects like cockroaches and silverfish.
  • Photo frames bring a grand look to even normal photographs.
  • Sometimes photos are valued for their unique or antique Photo Frames rather than themselves!
  • Displaying photographs is easier done when you use Photo Frames. You can attractively showcase them on your walls by hanging them in a set manner.
  • Photo frames of unique styles add aesthetics to your decor.

History of Photo Frames

Photo frames have been there since the days of Pharaohs of Egypt. The first photo frames were found in a Fayum mummy tomb. So remember when you are using a photo frame, you are helping to preserve a relic of history too!

Types of Photo Frames

1. Wooden Photo Frames
Wooden Photo Frames

The oldest type of photo frames, wooden frames come in 2 forms- Plain or carved and optional finishes- shiny/polished or matt. Strong, durable and easy to use, wooden frames look good on the desk or on a wall. Changing the photo is also easy here- just lift the tabs at the back of the wooden photo frames, replace the photo and the backing and it’s done!

2. Padded or Cloth Photo Frames

Padded or Cloth Photo Frames

If you want your Photo Frames to match your room decor, it is Padded or Cloth Photo Frames you must have! Easy to fit, these Cloth Frames match every mood and ambiance. Just gluing the fabric is all that you have to do and you can embellish it with beads or decorations.

3. Metal Photo Frames

Metal Photo Frames

Compare to brass, pewter, chrome, steel or sterling silver, metal is always majestic. Metal Photo Frames are sturdy, durable yet expensive. However, they have a touch of class that is hard to match.

4. Acrylic Photo Frames

Acrylic Photo Frames

If you are looking for economy, go for Acrylic Photo Frames. With edge finishing and protective masking, Acrylic Photo Frames are the best for art, photography, and signage. Available in 2 versions – the Quick Mount with concealed bracket and the Stand-Off with a visible one, Acrylic Frames are equally popular and preferred.

5. Perforated Metal Photo Frames

Perforated Metal Photo Frames

The latest trend among Metal Photo Frames is the Perforated Metal Photo Frames. With satin edge finish and Mylar acrylic backing, they come in 2 versions – Agency version and Fine Art version. In the former, the picture touches the aluminum base while in the second, it does not.

6. Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frames

Great for storing multiple photos, Digital Photo Frames are the latest and greatest. Like a computer screen, they store multiple photos that can be viewed as a slideshow with music, video, and animations.

PrintStop has Fantastic Photo Frames

Attractive, affordable and alluring, PrintStop’s photo frames lend magic to your photos and transform them into works of art!

At PrintStop, you have an array of Photo Frames in different designs that are elegant, stylish and irresistible. Customize your Photo Frame with our Online Photo Framing Facility. The best moments of our lives are often captured in the form of a photograph. However, you need to preserve the photos to keep those memories alive. What better than our personalized photo frames to do that! Our customized wooden photo frames add an aesthetic appeal to photos, turning them into instant art pieces.

Use PrintStop’s Price Calculator to assess your budget.  Our customized photo frames with acrylic finish lend a touch of class to your decor. PrintStop’s Photo Frames are sturdy and durable and help to preserve your photos for life. Take a look at our other photo products as well. Connect with us for more.


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  1. Though we live in an age of smartphones where we click photos on regular basis but having physical Photos in our rooms definitely takes us back to that moment.

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