How Flyers Printing Can Benefit Your Company

Flyers Printing Can Benefit Your Company. Find Out How.

Your company has a brand message and you need it delivered “door-to-door” at negligible cost. The only option- Flyers.

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What is a Flyer?

A Flyer is a single sheet of paper advertisement meant for wide public distribution. For advertising your business, a sale or a special event, a flyer can get your message to your prospects and customers.  It is a low-cost initiative intended to reach mass audiences individually. It is also known as a ‘pamphlet’. Pamphlet printing is essential for promoting consumer goods and launching seasonal marketing campaigns. You can also read our post on How to Design an Awesome Flyer for more. 

Statistics on Flyer Usage

According to a Direct Marketing Association survey, 89% of the consumers remember a flyer/leaflet being door-dropped at home. 45% even keep them pinned on the refrigerator door. In fact, 84% of the respondents responded to the flyers if they had a discount coupon.

So, flyers printing can really be of great benefit to Retail chains, FMCG brands, restaurants, car and vehicle sales etc. Flyers printing can benefit your company. Find out how.

Benefits of Distributing Flyers

1. Ideal for Wide Circulation

Flyers are best suitable for mass production and wide public distribution. They can be circulated to a large group of people by these means.

  • Individual door- to door distribution through agents
  • As newspaper-inserts
  • Inserted within magazines
  • Placed on car windscreens at parking lots
  • Individually mailed
  • Dropped into grocery or purchase bags by stapling it with the receipts
  • Handed out individually to passers-by in streets or at events
  • Left in prominent public spots like petrol stations, supermarkets etc for picking up by the public.

2. Targeted Reach

Whatever be the means of distribution, the flyer reaches each person individually. So flyer is highly effective being individually targeted. People recall receiving flyers definitely but their response depends on the attractiveness of the flyer. So make sure you get your Flyer printing done at the best digital printing specialists.

3. Low Cost

Flyers are best for being printed in bulk as they are needed in high volumes for mass distribution. So the cost of flyers printing ultimately works out the cheapest for you. This is why start-ups, SMEs and even small retail stores prefer to print flyers.

4. Use as Discount Coupons

Wish to launch a seasonal campaign with discount offers? The best way is to include the discount offer in a flyer.  The discount can be mentioned in a tear-off coupon on the flyer. Make sure that discounts are allowed only for people with flyers. This adds value to the flyer rendering it more precious.

5. Evokes Instant Response

The minute a customer receives a flyer, he emits a response. There is no waiting time to allow the brand message to sink in. The response is immediate even if it is negative. The only way to get a positive response depends on the impact of the flyer and this relies largely on the design and quality of flyers printing.

6. Good for Referrals

Flyers are great for referrals as they become viral in a short while. One person receiving a flyer and being impressed by it soon passes it on to another and so on. In this way, flyers not only spread the word around but create a communicable response.

7. Measurable Results

By using flyers in a campaign, you can actually measure its results. Yes, by tracking the number of flyers printed vs. the number of flyers turned in, you can see the effectiveness of the campaign. Flyers can also have individual QR codes or batch numbers printed on them. From these number, we can identify in which geographical locations, the flyer distribution has been effective. In short, flyer printing also helps us to understand consumer behavior.

Business Flyer

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Flyers are the best for fast and fruitful results in marketing. Now you know how they can benefit your company. To achieve the best results, get your flyer designed innovatively and printed with premium quality from the best print specialist in town. Contact PrintStop for fantastic flyer printing services.

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