How Is Brochure Still The Best Marketing Tool?

How Is Brochure Still The Best Marketing Tool?

Take a look at the glossy, colorful printed pages of a product brochure and instantly you wish to peruse through it. That is the impact of a brochure. With captivating photographs and eye-catching visuals, a brochure is a printed treasure that you take home to look at and read at leisure. Packed with product information and powered by colorful creatives, a brochure is the most effective marketing tool a company can get.

Wait a minute! Who do you think you are kidding?- you might ask. In this age of Digital Marketing when interactive websites flood you with information and floor you with their appealing designs, is a brochure still the best marketing tool?

Yes, absolutely! During the statistical survey conducted in November 2016, 79% of the SMEs claimed to currently use brochures for their marketing.  This is definite proof of the fact that brochure is still the best marketing tool for any enterprise. If you are not convinced, take a look at the reasons below.

10 Reasons why Brochure is still the best Marketing tool

1. Ideal for small budgets

Small start-ups and SMEs penetrate on a tight budget. They need wide circulation with sharp focus. Instead of opting for high-cost advertising or superficial social media campaigns that are ineffective, businesses still turn to brochures for marketing when they operate on a tight budget.

2. Focussed

Digital ads and videos are numerous and appealing but lack the depth of penetration and recall. Brochures provide a longer duration of exposure and more recall as they are takeaways which the customer can retain and read a number of times at home or office.

3. Targeted

When you want to reach a selected group of customers, a Brochure is the best tool you can get. Rather than opting for mass or social media that lacks focus, hit on your selected group of customers using attractive Brochures.

4. Informational

Digital ads, websites or blogs cannot provide complete information about the product as they have their own length limitations. A Brochure consisting of at least 4 pages, is a veritable storehouse of product, Company and contact information.

5. Multiple distribution channels

There is only one way to see a website online but there are numerous ways to get a brochure. Brochures can be distributed through multiple channels through newspapers, at malls and supermarkets or at exhibition stalls or even directly to homes. This ensures better reach and recall of brand through Brochures.

6. Enduring

A website can be looked at for a couple of minutes while a digital ad appears only for seconds. In contrast, Brochures are most lasting and enduring as they tend to be taken home and retained for longer periods by the customer.

7. Reference

Brochures act as information booklets containing the product or service information. An innovative or informational Brochure is sometimes retained as reference material for later use.

8. For Promotional Offers

Brochures can act as a powerful promotional platform as they sometimes contain discount coupons or tear-off offer leaflets. They can be used to promote seasonal campaigns or limited period offers effectively.

9. Reinforce online messages

Digital ads seen online, disappear in a jiffy. But Brochures tend to act as a physical representation of the ad and reinforce the online messages.

10. Credibility

An eye-catching and alluring Brochure with superior quality printing lends legitimacy, credibility, and dignity to the Company and brand.

How to choose the best printing for your Brochure?

Make a note of the following points while printing your Brochure

  1. Ensure that you entrust your Brochure printing to an efficient Print specialist like Printstop who have an in-house Design time
  2.  Get your Brochure designed uniquely, attractively and creatively.
  3.  Ask your Print provider if the design you select can be customized for you.
  4. Print the Brochure on the best quality paper and with the finest Digital Printing with maximum resolution.
  5. Check the pricing and delivery terms of your Print Provider and see if they are affordable and competent like PrintStop.


An informative brochure can be a very good marketing tool for your company. From specially crafted, designer bi-fold brochures to standard brochure designs, brochures come in different attractive formats like newsletters and flyers. Cost-effective and versatile, they are a go-to method of instantly connecting with customers. When it comes to business, brochures are a great way of brand promotion. An attractive creative brochure coupled with your products helps increase your brand’s worth.

The elements of our professional brochure designs include:
  • Brochure content and brochure design working in harmony keeping in mind the overall brand strategy.
  • A user-friendly format with different types of folded layouts.
  • Enhanced professionalism with cost-effective brochure designs for target marketing.

Brochures are still the best and most economical Marketing tools for your enterprise. Enhance their effectiveness through high-quality printing services from PrintStop.



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