How Promotional Products will Help Your Businesses?

How Promotional Products will Help Your Businesses?

For any business to flourish, marketing is the push required and Promotional Products are the tools that give the required fillip. To grab the attention of your customers and retain it for long, all you have to do is to offer them attractive Promotional Products.

Do Promotional Products really work?

A promotional product is not about selecting the most obvious or the cheapest. The main motto of a promotional product is about making a lasting impression. Always look for a product you know will catch the attention of your customers, look for something different. Promotional products are proven to be one of the most effective communication tools available to advertisers and deliver the highest rate of return on investment. It has a positive impact on attitudes and behavior. Promotional products work because they leave a lasting impression in the hearts, minds, and hands of recipients.

Brand Spirit Blog reveals that while TV commercials achieved a recall of a mere 7%, it is only Promotional Products that have the greatest recall of an astounding 83%! Also, 20% of the respondents of its survey reveal that they made a purchase only after receiving a Promotional Product. This just proves how Promotional Products are truly effective in gaining customer loyalty.

Why Promotional Products work and How Promotional Products will Help Your Businesses?

1. Better Brand Recognition
Brand Recognition

Visiting cards can often get misplaced. But if you present your customer with a branded Promotional Product which he could use daily like a coffee mug, a pen, pen-drive, sunglasses or a tote bag, he is surely going to use it and also remember your brand each time he uses it.

2.  A personal touch
Brand Recognition

Who doesn’t like gifts? Promotional Product provides an ideal opportunity for giving a personal touch to the customer from your brand. They allow the brand to seamlessly integrate into the daily life of the customer and this personalized touch reveals a sense of caring and fosters brand loyalty.

3. Economical reach

Instead of spending loads of money on huge ad campaigns, spend roughly 10% of the cost of Promotional Product and earn 100% more results. These “freebies” are widely welcomed and have mass reach as they are rarely refused. This is the reason for sure success and brand retention. A low-cost promotional products campaign can help a startup stand on its feet for the first time.

4. Better Brand Exposure
Brand Exposure

If your Promotional Products are really innovative and attractive, they are sure to be noticed and admired. This creates an interest in the product and hence your brand. As mentioned earlier, 76% of the respondents in the survey remembered the brand offering the Promotional Product the previous week than an ad in the newspaper. When a company advertises its products and services on social media, TV, or billboards, that ad is in front of your eyes for mere seconds. On the other hand, useful promotional gifts are with you most of the time. Right in your eye-line.

5. Versatile marketing tool

Variety is the spice of life and Promotional Product offer it in plenty. Instead of repeating your brand message like an automaton, they offer a welcome change in marketing and sales promotion. Since these Promotional Products are seasonally offered, they are looked forward to in eager anticipation.

How to choose the right Promotional Products?

Promotional Products are available in plenty. So how to choose one?

  1. Offer a Promotional Product which upholds the value and integrity of your brand and synchronizes with your brand message.
  2. Let your Promotional Product maintain the dignity of your brand and enforce the brand recall.
  3. Let your products be unique so as to distinguish your brand from the others.
  4. Choose Promotional Products of good quality to convey your brand reliability to the customer.
  5. Select a Promotional Product that your customer will use every day and is part of his daily routine.
  6. Make sure that your Promotional Products are so attractive that they become souvenirs.
  7. If you are not able to find the right Promotional Product tailor-made to suit your brand, choose among the common ones used in any business like pens, pen-holders, custom paperweights or wallets.
  8. Source your Promotional Product from a reputed and reliable provider to increase their value.

A range of Promotional Products

Choosing Promotional Products is exciting as they are myriad options to choose from like

  1. Personalised Pens
  2. Coffee Mugs
  3. Kraft Pads
  4. Bottles
  5. Sports Trophies
  6. Keychains
  7. Coasters
  8. Paperweights
  9. Customized T-shirts
  10. Shopping bags
  11. Fridge Magnets
  12. Tea Coasters
  13. Stress Balls

PrintStop has all these and more in attractive designs made from their creative design studio called Pehchaan. Crafted with precision form the best quality materials, Promotional Products from PrintStop suit your taste and are tailor-made for your brand and budget. Head to PrintStop for your Promotional Product and watch them turn into cherished collectibles in your customers’ homes.

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