Effective use of calendars

How to Make Effective use of Calendars

December is in full swing which means that  2017 is drawing to a close. The new year is coming up and people have a lot on their minds. One of those things should be a calendar.

Personalised Calendars also make for great giveaways. With some smarts, you can make the maximum use of your calendar. Now we will talk about how to make effective use of calendars.

Use Calendars Effectively

Chances are that if you are reading this article right now, you have a calendar.  They are special in that although digital alternatives exist such as apps or Google calendars, most people prefer the physical version. They have become commonplace now and can be found at both home and work.

Everyone knows that calendars are used to tell what day it is, and most calendars are used for this purpose. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but you can also expand its use and go beyond its sole initial purpose.

Calendar as a Planner


One great way to utilize a calendar is to turn it into a planner. The planner will help you keep track of things. If you have something planned, write it down immediately. Meetings, seminars, and workshops should all be noted down.

This tactic works best if you have space to write down things under each day. This is why a diary calendar is perfectly suited for someone to use as a planner. It can function as your to-do list for the day or week and you can see the status of tasks.

Calendar as a Proactive Tool

With a calendar, you know ahead of time how many days you have in the month. Use this to be proactive and evenly space out your work. For example, if you have to prepare a 5-page report by the end of the week and it is Monday, you could do one page per day.

This helps you pace yourself and avoid burnout towards the end. Often times we either rush through the work at the beginning of the month and don’t do a good job with it, or we put it off until later and then have too much to do. This forces us to cram and again leaves us with half-baked work.  

Be sure not to count Sundays and holidays, and keep a few days spare as more tasks will arise throughout the month. You should also balance the easy tasks and the difficult ones. Part of it lies in your work ethic of course, but a calendar certainly helps.   

Calendar as a Measuring Stick

You can also compare the performance in one month to that of another. You can write down the revenue generated for the month and forecast the expected growth for your company. When fiscal years and quarters are involved, this works great for investors.

However, keep in mind that lower performance doesn’t necessarily mean that your standards declined. There could have been fewer work days or something else might have come up.

Calendar as a System of Records

Alternatively, you can use a calendar to look back at the past. Avoid tearing off the old months of calendars once the month has ended, as they could have some important information on them.

Calendars are an effective way to look at not only what you have yet to do, but also what you have already done. You could even publish a report on this.

Calendar Tips and Tricks

There are also some tips that you should follow to extract the most out of your calendar.

Always hang your calendar in a place where it is clearly visible. Also, have it in a room that you frequently visit. An office may hang it near the main door as employees are almost sure to look at it when they enter or exit. Calendars serve as a reminder and A calendar’s purpose is diminished if people can’t see it.

When you write down information, put the event on the top left and the time in the top right. It is easy to understand and leaves space for more writing. Draw a line from the event to the time as well to avoid confusion. Don’t use large handwriting either. You should also circle the days that are extra important.

Also be sure to check your calendar every day. It only takes a few seconds but it lets you know about the things you plan to do for the day/ month/year.

Crafty Calendars from PrintStop

In the end, no system is perfect, but they do allow you to use a calendar in more ways than one. Be prepared for when 2018 rolls around. Get a creative colourful calendar from PrintStop. There are a variety of different calendars that you can choose from including:

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