How to make your Sticker Design standout?

How to make your Sticker Design standout?

If you want your marketing ideas to tick, it is a sticker you have to stick! Yes, stickers are the most inexpensive yet efficient promotional materials that can be used to market your brand. Cute, colourful and captivating, stickers make big impressions with their little sizes.

Company Stickers

Stickers and decals are definitely not limited to vehicle exteriors; your current and potential customers can also place them on their laptop computers, three-ring binders, book covers or locker doors. You will see the best possible return on your sticker advertising if your customers are likely to place them where many other pairs of eyes will see them.

From car bumpers to shop window panes, stickers are found universally and with unique appeal. Stickers on product packaging create an instant attraction to buy the product. The success of a sticker lies in the way it stands out and grabs attention. This is mainly due to its unique design, vibrant colours and punchy messages. Here are some tips to make your sticker labels design stand out from the rest.

Tips for creative sticker design

  1. Unique die-cut shapes

A stunning sticker has a unique shape with its cut-out designed innovatively. The trendy shape attracts attention with its aesthetics and makes the viewer want to stick one on any of his possessions. Custom die-cut shapes make stickers prized and popular.

The shape of the sticker also depends on the surface where it is to be stuck too. Depending on the product features and brand message, design your sticker in a unique shape that will stand out prominently.

  1. Bright colours

Choose vibrant and flashy colours to print stickers. Make sure the colours are in CMYK print format. Ensure that the colour combinations of the background and fonts match as well. Sticker printing with bold and high contrast colours and flashy fluorescent tones work well for stickers as they instantly grab attention even at a distance.

  1. Font

Use the right fonts to display your brand message. Simple, easy-to-read fonts work best. Avoid cursive writing fonts as they are difficult to read from far. Bold typefaces in Caps are the best. Highlight fonts in a different colour to make them stand out.

  1. Bold message

Let your sticker scream out the message boldly. Yes, make this the centre of attraction of your sticker with catchy, funny or bold content. Let the message be short yet stimulating.

  1. In sync

The theme of your sticker should be in sync with your brand. For example, a water park must have its sticker in blue while a sticker on eco-conservation goes green. Similarly, a jeans brand can have cartoons on its sticker while a formal clothing store might need a more sober design.

Banks and financial institutions adopt navy blue as their colour to show trust and security. Stickers indicating doctors or hospitals have a touch of red.

The colour, font and theme should conform to the nature of your product and brand image.

  1. Play by the rules

Sometimes it is better to play by the rules and use standard conventions for the images in sticker design. A coffee cup symbol would well mean a bistro while a beer mug might mean a bar. Since the sticker is small and has limited space, use the right symbols to convey the message.

  1. Material

Choose the right material for your sticker. If your sticker is going to be exposed to all weathers, give them a glossy vinyl coat to last long. If you want your stickers waterproof, print them on BOPP material. There are different types of sticker materials in the market depending on their use like white vinyl, clear cling, reflective vinyl, repositionable vinyl etc. Make sure you find the right material to print your stickers keeping in mind factors like UV exposure and fading, water-proofing, front or back sticking etc.

Stickers draw an immediate response from the viewer and instant recall of the brand. They are more enduring and last long guaranteeing better awareness. So create your sticker design to be a stunning one from a seasoned Print Specialist and watch it stand out from the rest successfully.

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