Why should you use Kraft Papers as part of your brand identity?

Kraft paper is a “strong brown (unbleached) paper having at least 80 percent virgin wood pulp. It refers to the paper products manufactured using the kraft process that involves the chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp.

Wood comprises lignin and cellulose components. Lignin has to be separated from cellulose in order to make paper.  This is done by cooking wood chips in a “white liquor” made of sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide which break the lignin and cellulose apart.

This leaves a solid wood pulp and a “black liquor”. The wood chips are thus turned into a pulp and any larger pieces present in this pulp are removed from it to get a smooth pulp. The pulp is further washed to remove any residual cooking liquors and then formed into various paper products.

Now you might wonder how is it then kraft paper different from other papers?

The answer to the question is that a kraft paper is stronger compared to other paper production process as a kraft paper has reduced lignin content and a high sulfur ratio.

Kraft process also does not involve extensive bleaching which often decreases a paper’s strength and increases its manufacturing costs. Another difference is the fact that the kraft process can use different types of wood as the raw material.

Resinous pine and bamboo which are left out of traditional paper making processes can be easily processed in kraft method. Also, the kraft process is a self-sustaining method as it recovers and reuses most of the chemical used in this process.

Turpentine and tall oil are the main byproducts which can not be recycled but can be consumed for other manufacturing purposes.

We have been using kraft paper for a long time in form of paper bags in Kirana shops and as book covers to cover our school books.

However, with the growing awareness and consciousness of using environmentally hazardous products, both consumers and businesses are turning to eco-friendly products and processes like the kraft paper products.

Here is a list of reasons why you should consider to include kraft paper in your brand identity, followed by various applications of kraft paper in business.

Reasons to use kraft paper for your brand

1) Establish a reputation of a brand that is environmentally friendly

Kraft paper bags
We are more conscious of the environment today than ever before and a brand that reflects the growing concerns for the planet can strike a chord with many of the potential and existing customers.

Many businesses put in a huge amount of efforts and money to establish themselves as green brands that care for mother nature and its habitat. Their business communications, marketing, and promotional campaigns and various processes and code of conduct that are followed by their employees while interacting with the customers and vendors all very strongly highlight this value.

Integrating kraft paper products into your brand identity would be a strong way to put across the message to the world. A kraft process creates the least amount of chemical waste while producing kraft paper products as compared to other paper production processes.

Also, multiple manufacturing purposes use these byproducts. The most important reason for kraft products to be environmentally friendly is the fact that it is 100% recyclable.

2) Strong paper product option

Strong PaperWhy is Kraft Paper More Durable? 
Due to the reduced amount of lignin in the wood pulp created in kraft paper production method, kraft paper is much stronger than a product of other paper production methods.

What does Lignin do?
The hydrophobic nature of lignin interferes with the formation of the hydrogen bonds between cellulose in the fibers which are important for the strength of paper.

Other Reasons

The high effective sulfur ratio also ensures the highest possible strength compared to other methods which lead to weaker fibers and low resistance to tearing. Low bleaching involved in the process also helps to maintain its strength.

Thus, a kraft paper can have various applications where a paper’s resistance to tearing is of importance.

3) Cost-effective

Cost effective

Low involvement of bleaching in a kraft process does reduce the manufacturing costs of kraft papers.

Kraft Papers also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit various printing processes and help to reduce manual interventions due to long runs and cost-effective bulk buying.

Aesthetic Reasons to Opt for Kraft Paper

4) Elegant background good even for simple and minimum design

DesignThe brown color of a kraft paper can be and is extensively used by brands to print classy, quirky and elegant designs. The paper color itself being catchy, a kraft paper heightens the effect of even simplest and minimalist designs. Even one or two color prints bring out beautiful printed products.

5) Eye pleasing and stylish in nature

Kraft paper

A kraft paper is for a paper just like khaadi is for textile. Kraft papers have a high aesthetical feel. They also look very stylish.

6) Multiple application

Numerous benefits or characteristics of kraft paper products makes them an excellent choice for various applications. Whether you use them for packaging your products due to their strength or for printing your business stationery to represent your brand’s “we-are-environmentally-friendly” reputation, they always give you the best output.

Other Benefits of Kraft Paper

7) Shapes and sizes

Kraft paper is available in various shapes, sizes and strength options making it functionally possible to use kraft papers in different applications. Right from a flimsy kraft paper wrap to sturdy paper bags to hold heavy bottles, kraft paper is available in many GSM option.

8) Resistance to creases

Resistance to creases

Kraft paper does not crumple very easily due to which it is a wise choice to print your brand identity, like your business card, envelopes, packaging material etc. on them.

9) Low weight

Low weight

Kraft paper wrappings are light weight which makes them a good option for packaging, saving shipping costs. At PrintStop, we use only kraft wrapping paper with PrintStop branded on them. They not only weigh less by gives the packed product an aesthetic feel. Also, the paper boxes that carry our visiting cards are made out of a sturdy GSM kraft paper.

Application of kraft paper for print products for your business:

Kraft paper as already established has numerous advantages. Here is a list of print products where kraft paper can be used. Most of these products are available at PrintStop and can be easily ordered online through our website.

  1. Visiting cards:
    If you are trying to establish yourself as a brand then printing your visiting cards of kraft paper should be treated as a priority. Handing over these cards to people during business meetings is sure to create an impact on the receiver.
  2. Envelopes:
    Kraft envelopes and cases last longer than other paper types. The low lignin in kraft paper makes it more hard-wearing and durable than other materials. Interestingly, Kraft is the German word for force and strength. Also, their resistance to creasing can ensure whatever they are carrying to reach in good condition.
  3. Organizers:
    Kraft organizers can be a beautiful decor for any work desk. You can gift these to your employees, customers, and vendors. 
    You can choose from Standard Kraft Organizer, Kraft Table Organizer, Kraft Organizer and Calendar, Cube Kraft Box and Kraft Multipurpose Tray.

Most Popular Kraft Paper Products are: 

  1. Kraft paper bags:
    We have already discussed why kraft paper forms an excellent paper material for paper bags. They are sturdy and cost-effective packaging options.

    Kraft paper bags are one of highly demanded paper bags option at PrintStop. We print these bags in various sizes to suit different requirements.

    Benefits Include:
    a) Ships Completely Flat
    b) Saves Volumetric Shipping Costs
    c) Weight Holding Capacity –
     They hold up to 4 Kgs of weight
  2. Kraft desk accessories:
    Just like kraft organizers, there are many other options available to beautify and personalize your work desk while being completely organized, Few of these products available with us are Kraft  pads, Kraft Pocket Wire-O-Pad, Magnet Wire Kraft Pad, Rectangle Kraft Pad, Sticky Notes House, Kraft scratchpads, Kraft notebooks and Kraft Box Of Surprise.

Kraft paper is becoming one of the most popular, environmentally friendly paper solutions around the globe. Using sustainable and biodegradable paper is a huge step that all businesses should be doing.
They not just look great but also are aesthetically pleasing, stylish and highly functional to become a perfect printing material. Your branding and logo will stand out more effectively.

In conclusion, we hope to have convinced you! So why wait? Take the first step to save mother nature. Switch to Kraft! You can also check our article on 4 EFFICIENT ALTERNATIVES TO PLASTIC BAGS

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