Marvellous personalized magic mugs online

Marvellous personalized magic mugs online

Bored of gifting mundane things to your loved ones? Opt for a personalized magic mug to add a magical touch to your gifting.

A coffee mug is an attractive gift option for any occasion. But a personalized magic mug is a simply superior gift for the one you love. Yes, its colour and picture changing elements add a mystic aura around this simple present.

So what is so magical about this colour changing mug? Let’s take a look.

The Magic in the magic mug

A magic mug changes its colour and picture when a hot beverage is poured into it. Initially, it appears black without any picture and when the liquid is poured into it, the new picture imprinted on it instantly shows up with a magical effect.

Sometimes magic mugs come in black, blue or red colours. But universally, black seems to be the coolest choice as the mug appears plain with the picture concealed at normal room temperature. In blue or black mugs, the picture’s outline may be slightly visible at room temperature. This is why black is preferred for printing magical mugs as the magical effect becomes more prominent with this dark colour.

Watch the surprise and wonder on your loved one’s face as the picture pops up in the black mug when the coffee is poured in. The pleasure is infinitely doubled when they see their own personalized picture on the mug. What more, the picture fades and the mug turns to black again as the mug cools off. Isn’t it truly a magical experience?

The best part is you get to design and upload this picture on the personalized magic mug. Choose a delightful picture of good resolution, upload it on your print provider’s site and your magic mug will be ready with your personalized picture.

With laser-sharp digital printing, a professional print provider will be able to give you this personalized magic mug as a gift of premium quality and perfect resolution.

How does this colour change occurs in the magic mug?

The magic mug changes its colour based on the principle of thermochromism. The magic mug is painted with heat-sensitive thermochromic paint which changes its colour in response to the temperature.

A trusted print provider always uses non-toxic thermochromic paints that do not cause any harm to the persons drinking from the cup.

 What pictures or themes to display on a magic mug?

This is a question most people ponder about a lot. Well, here are some suggestions.

  1. For your heart throbs, you can select cute pictures and emboss them in a heart shape on the mug.
  2. A cheery good morning message or visual will do, for elders.
  3. For kids, teddy bears, fairies, Marvel Heroes or cartoons make a big hit.
  4. Teenage boys go crazy if you print the photographs of their football, cricket or basketball heroes on the mug.
  5. Teenage girls, on the other hand, are content with having their beauty picture on the mug.
  6. For Mother’s Day or Father’s day, use the appropriate message and your parents will love it.
  7. For busy professionals and office colleagues, motivating quotes are the best.
  8. If you want to make the magic mug a family relic, print of your family portrait on it.
  9. For occasions like birthdays or weddings, printing the pictures of the individuals celebrating the event will give added value to your mug.
  10. If you want to gift the mug as a promotional gift, your office logo or brand message is the ideal choice.

Magic mugs make excellent personal and promotional gifts and are ideal for any occasion or celebration as they have an element of magic and surprise in them. Gift a wonderful magic mug and watch the wonder of their wide smile beam with pleasure as the colour changing mug works its magic.

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