Measuring Employees’ Pulse During A Pandemic

Since the lockdown in March, we have been connecting with people only over Zoom calls and Video chats almost every day. But, there’s a lot more to employee communication than interacting over small video screens. The personal touch is missing. At PrintStop, we always look for warmth while communicating.Digital communication, no matter how frequent, will miss out on a lot of details that a person communicates non-verbally. The nuances of body language, facial expression can tell you a lot about a person’s comfort level in the company. To gauge that correctly, we planned an Employee Pulse Survey.

We conduct this survey once every six months. This time, we planned the questions according to the pandemic and the stress due to it. There were 31 questions categorised under nine areas. Each question was rated from 1 – 5, with one being the lowest and five the highest.

Nine categories were:

  • Comfort with leadership
  • Comfort with manager
  • Comfort with Own Team & Other Teams
  • Comfort with HR Manager
  • Job Profile & Resources
  • Growth at PrintStop
  • Well Being
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Social Impact

The questions were meant to understand people’s comfort with the leadership and management, identifying problems or concerns while working from home, communicate between different teams, etc.

Results were surprising!

The last time we conducted the survey was in March’20. Things have changed since then. While the world has turned upside down, our average points dropped only by 3.

We always want the scores to improve, but due to the current scenario, a marginal fall meant that we were on the right track. It was good to know that despite working remotely, people still felt connected with the company.

Survey scores were calculated on an average basis. But there were a few below-average scores in certain areas. To address issues of the people who rated us low, our HR Manager, Lily D’Souza, and I reached out to every one of them. All their concerns were discussed in detail and resolved in the best possible manner.

The exercise has made us understand our employees’ preferences and apprehensions. It helped us to connect with employees and make them feel heard, safe, and at home in PrintStop.

If you want to conduct a similar survey or get more details about it, you can write to us at