Optimizing the efforts of JLL’s Admin team

In any organisation, the Admin department facilitates the functioning of all other departments.
Their efficiency is crucial for any organisation’s optimal performance. However, a lot of times it is observed that the admin department is forced to spend a lot of on tedious tasks that can be completely avoided. One such lengthy and monotonous task is procuring print.

What are the problems they were facing?

Printed materials like visiting cards, ID cards, letterheads, envelopes and other basic stationery might seem menial but they can make or break the company’s image in front of others. Hence, admins are forced to spend a lot of time to ensure that only good quality material is received by the office. They need to coordinate with different teams to understand the requirement, place the order, get everything approved and then followup with the vendors for delivery. Even a real estate giant like JLL was facing such issues.

Besides this, another issue that JLL faced was inconsistency in their logo colour. Earlier their visiting cards were printed in two steps. First, the logo was printed on base cards which were sent to the regional offices. Then the regional offices printed employee's data on the base cards. The whole process was time-consuming.

PRO Admin Solution

Their problems were solved by our PRO Admin Solution. Now, their email and phone communication is reduced by 98%. It has helped them save 25% of the efforts involved in the process. And the problem of inconsistency in branding is eliminated. Each stationery item is standardized.

Their Corporate Procurement Manager, Jagdish AM says, “PRO Admin solution has made procurement of visiting cards, ID cards, lanyards, etc. very simple for us. PrintStop team always goes beyond expectations to provide exceptional support during emergencies. We completely rely on them for good quality output. I have strongly recommended PrintStop to others.”

While being grateful for the appreciation, we continue providing them with the best services.
Read the full case study here.

This Blog is Written by Bharath BN, Head-Sales at PrintStop

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