What people think about your visiting card

What People Think About Your Visiting Cards

In a prior post, we talked about preventing nine out of ten people from discarding your business cards. The data in that article was taken from a study performed by Statistics Brain. The same company, Statistics Brain, also conducted an online survey regarding people’s emotions on visiting cards. Take a look at the complete report and see what you make of it.

Opinion Polls on Visiting Cards

Here is what people think about your  visiting  cards:

  • 72% of people judge a company by the quality of their visiting card.
  • 39% would not do business with someone carrying a cheap looking visiting card.
  • 78% said a colour business card was more memorable than a plain white card.
  • 41% would pay more for nicer looking visiting card even if it didn’t bring business
  • 57% feel that having visiting cards is essential to your business

Of course, numbers are still useless without context. The analysis revealed a lot of information about customer perception. Our experts came to their own conclusions. Here are the key takeaways from the study:

First Impressions Matter

First Impressions

A massive 72% said that they judge a person’s company based on their visiting card. This shows how important the visiting card is for the company. If you hand the other person a shoddy card, they will assume your company is also poor.

The second stat of 39% who would outrightly avoid doing business with you over your card is terrible for you as nearly 4 in 10 people wouldn’t even do business with you based solely on your card. A bad visiting card gives a wrong impression of the customer and even if you manage a great company, people are unlikely to do business with you.

You never want to appear cheap in front of the customer, so spend time and money on building a business card of high quality.

Colours Captivate

The statement that colours are more attractive than black and white is supported by the statistic that 78% of people agreeing that a colour card trumps a white card. Adding colour to your card shows that you put more time and effort into creating it.

The study also found out that prospective clients hold onto a coloured card 10x longer than a standard white card. People may not think twice about tossing a white card but they hesitate to dump a coloured card.

Don’t make one of the top 16 business card mistakes by having a plain boring bland card. Your visiting card is a window into your company, so make sure you treat it like one.

Visiting Cards Generate Business

It is good that 41% of people are willing to shell out more money for a nicer looking visiting card even if they know that it wouldn’t bring business.

One somewhat worrying stat, however, is that 57% of people believe visiting cards are essential for business. Although there is a slight majority, this number really should be higher. It shows that not enough people think that visiting cards are an important part of the business.

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