Did you know printing 100 Visiting Cards could cost you Rs 1000?

During my experience of over a decade in the printing industry, I have come across numerous reasons why this industry can be very challenging. Whether you are a vendor or a client, this space being highly unorganized sector, every order comes with its own possibilities of stress. I have come to believe that the offline processes that we follow to procure print products itself create most of the confusions and losses in this domain.

Most of the companies follow a very complex and error-prone print procurement process. The example I have considered is Visiting Cards, but the process is generally true for most printed products.

Graphically put, it may involve following steps and level of employee involvement:


How 100 Visiting cards could cost you Rs 1000

How 100 Visiting cards could cost you Rs 1000

The end result of this process can only be hidden wastages that of both time and money. One would say it is crime to waste both these resources in today’s business world!

Based on your brand specifications, the paper used, quality etc., one card can cost you anywhere between Re. 1 to Rs. 3. What if I told you, in spite of initial rigorous and long negotiation cycle, you still land up paying almost Rs. 1000 for 100 cards instead of just Rs.100 most of the time? No, your vendor is not cheating you but your age-old procurement process can be. Here is how.

An Admin Department has a lot of complex processes and roles to handle during every day of its work life like travel bookings, facility management, security, infrastructure etc. Imagine a huge amount of valuable time spent in procuring just 100 visiting cards based on the process discussed above. They could spend this time on achieving productive and items with a higher priority.

The errors that happen due to the manual interventions in the offline process, regardless of whether it was made by the employee, admin or the vendor, lead to a number of emails, reprints, and wastage. Reprints involve ordering the product twice and costing the product twice if you were the one to make a mistake.

My interactions with clients, client feedback, and complaints trouble our teams go through while processing print orders as per traditional offline way culminated into PrintSmart Pro, a custom online account that helps you store your print artworks in an editable format. Admin can give restricted access to employees to initiate an order while keeping the control of approving or rejecting those orders with themselves. Let’s see how it is simpler compared to an offline process.

Automated Process to Print 100 Visiting Cards could cost you Rs 1000?

The online way is highly efficient. It is time-saving and ensures consistent quality as the required brand guidelines are sown into the online artworks. It makes it easy for us to process orders faster and also provide super fast delivery. Online detailed MIS easily available for the admin helps the Admin team to keep a check on print consumption and even forecast print budgets. The clients can even upload excel sheets and the system will generate the artworks instantly without the need for DTP or designing.

PrintSmart Pro has been a lifesaver for many of our clients like Siemens, Infoedge, Dr.Reddys, JLL and several others. This technology has proved efficient for these clients to make their print procurement a hassle-free process.

It will be great to connect if you would like to know how you can use this technology to procure print products for your organization. Click here to get a demo meeting or contact us at pro@printstop.co.in

This Blog is Written by Milap Shah, Founder at PrintStop.

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